Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012: Elder Bowles--I'm in a trio

Dear Mom and Dad:
 Happy Father's day from last week, sorry I forgot.  After
I was done emailing last week I was like oh shoot I didn't say happy
father's day.  Now you know.  Yes Elder Assay left to go to New Zealand on
Tuesday night and he gets there Thursday morning at 5:oo am in the
morning.  He was really excited to go.  I miss Elder Assay.  Elder Assay
was 6 month into the mission and somtimes we had arguments about some
rules.  I am like Elder Aasay I have a year and half experince you are 6
months use your common sense and follow the spirit.  All we are here for
is to preach the gospel.  I taught him a couple of rules and why
those rules are there.  I don't know if he liked that.  Oh well.

Yes I am still in Whittier, I am the only elder that is in the Granada
ward and the other two elders who are with me are in another ward.
Right now we cover two areas.  We are busy, we have not taught a lot
of lessons but we have been busy going from one appointment to another.
My companion's names are Elder Halvorsen who is from Nashville
Tennesse and the other one Elder West who is from Washington near
Seattle.  They are both my companions for 3 weeks.  There are some
good and bad things about a trio.  The bad thing is we have to split
the lesson in 3 different ways so each missionary can teach, and the
other thing is that if we are teaching sometimes the investigators
would lose their trust in that missionary.  The good things is that if
there is a single lady home by herself we can get in.  The reason is 2
will act like missionaries and the 3rd on will act as a member.  It
can be good and frustrating.  Do you remember that girl I was talking
about and the catholic boy who won't allow us back in.  I've been trying to
call and text her.  I just saw her the other day and I was like
hey.  We were both happy to see each other.  It was really good, she
wants to meet us.  We just have to meet at a park or something.  I
said hey did you get my text measseges or phone calls? She said no and
her phone is acting up.  Now the devil is really working and does not
want us to contact her.  The devil will not win I will keep doing it
and then he will give up.  I asked if she has been reading from the
Book of Mormon.  She said yes-- I was like sweet keep on reading it.  I
was so happy and we are going to find a place where we can meet. She
definitely  wants to meet with us.
 The cool expereice we had was in the other Elder's area.  We met their
investigator because he wanted to meet with us.  We listened to his problems
 and we answered them through the Book of Mormon.  It was really cool-- he was
thankful to meet with us.  After that we asked him if there is any service that we can
do for you.  He said no, but called us later in that day and asked if
we can help him with service.  We went right over and helped him out.
It was really good.  This week we had to get used to the trio And we
have been pretty busy. Everything went well.

This morning we went to the temple.  It was exciting and I felt the
spirit.  I had a hard time staying awake though but it was good.  Those are the
experiences I had.
Thanks.  Love ELder Bowles

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