Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday June 11, 2012: Hermana Bowles: The Last of my sweet dear Moyo

Well this is it.   THE. LAST. LETTER. FROM. MOYO.   I honestly cannot believe that I`ve spent nearly half the mission here. You`re right, it`s so bitter sweet to be leaving.   The thing is that I don`t know where I`m going yet.   The zone leaders are refusing to tell us for at least another hour when we go to the the transfers meeting.   Elder Smith flashed me a signal that I`m going to Tarapoto,  but it`s not really sure yet.   Rumor has it that they`re pulling all of the hermanas out of new hermanas enter this change and so supposedly they`re taking us four and putting us where the four who are ending were.   If that`s true, the branch will be really really sad!!!  There are only 3 options for hermanas--iquitos, lima, tarapoto.   Pray for Iquitos J
This week has been one of the emotional ones of my life.   Wednesday night, Lourdes`baptism fell through.   Problems came up with her family and Wednesday night everything came to a halt.  We`re praying that someone can find her in the future when she`s ready.
It seems like that happened with a lot of families this week.  Everything was put behind a mask of "my parents think this.....we`ve alwyas been catholic....we live in the grandparents house......."
 I think my heart just about died.   It`s tough.....I`ve worked 8 months here and we were finally so close to having a baptism....but I guess that`s how it works with faith.   I`ve given everything I have doesn`t look like it.. but I have.   We worked and worked and worked and I felt my faith so strong saying..."We did it!!"   and then it came crashing down.,......I guess that`s how it works, huh?   I know Heavenly Father is aware of what`s gone on here.   Nothing else matters.
We made the no-bake cookies with the Relief Society this week....they turned out a little funny, but they were edible.   I think we should``ve waited longer until they hardened....
Celebrated Corpus Cristi in the plaza yesterday and shut down the plaza downtown to draw and place beautiul alfombras of colored saw dust to celebrate.   I`m happpy that we remember something like this everyday in the plaza.
One of the newest families we met is so wonderful.  They made us dinner on Saturday and are really interested.  The youngest of their three children suffers from cerebral palsy and the dad is having to come out of 16 years of resentment feelings, but he and his wife are so amazing.  It`s neat because we`ve been focusing on finding stories in The Book of Mormon to relate to people and in Alma 20 it relates perfectly to how he`s feeling.  He`s told us that they`ve started praying together and it`s amazing to see the difference in just two visits.
Smile.   God loves you.
love always,
Hermana Bowles

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