Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday June 11, 2012: Elder Bowles--Elder Holland Came!

Dear Mom and Dad:
Elder Holland was amazing!!!! He is such a good
speaker.  The experience that I had this week was him.  This whole week
we have been inviting people to come and listen to an Apostle of the
Lord.  That's what we have been doing all week and I don't know how many
people we went by.  Now I'll talk about Elder Holland.  The reason
he came down was they had to change the stake presidency.  It was
time up for the old one and they needed to call a new one.  Elder  
Holland needed to come and do it.  He spoke at the adult session
Saturday night and Sunday morning.  We were able to go to the adult
session because a nonmember went with us.   It was
really good.  The Saturday session had 3 speakers then Elder Holland spoke.
The speakers spoke how faith in Jesus Christ has helped them, and how they
can get it and how it can be applied in real life.  It was all really
 Elder holland came up and he told us that he was going to take
the scriptures and talk about the scriptures, instead he put away his
scriptures and wanted to talk to us.  He was going point to point
then he finally figuered what he want to talk about.  He had no
talk prepared it was done by the spirit.  Aaaaa it was so good.  I
will talk of the few highlights of what happened.
 First he said "every day you look in the mirror and you shout for joy"  Then he
tells us the nature of god and how God loves Broken things.  He gave
examples why God loves broken things.  The clouds break in order to
give rain, the seed of a plant must break before it can grow, and he
can heal your broken heart.  It was really good.  He said when Jesus
died on the cross he explained what happened when he got stabbed by
the spear on his side.  He said Jesus Christ died of
a broken heart.  He talked for one hour straight that how good it was.

I quote from Elder Holland:   "When times get tough, or when things are
not working out for you, or you feel crap, this is what you should not
do!  God must hate me, that is the stupid thing to say!!!   He pounded on
the pulpit you cannot say God hates me, that is the last thing you can
say.  He talked about more things how God is a loving God and we have
the gospel here on the earth and that will make us happy.  As long you
stay in the boat you will stay in the gospel we must reach out to our
friends and get them back in the boat"  Each one of us will have to
break our heart, but we will get it back and more.  Resurrection!!  We
will get a perfect body back all of us and we will get a new heart.
But we will have to die of a broken heart and we will get it back,
That's how merciful God is.  I know times are tough now but let him
heal your broken heart in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

It was really good.  I love the way Elder Holland speaks, sometimes he
will be funny and as he talks he will get sad, emotional and serious.
When he talks he talks like he is an angel of God.  He talks
smooth and slow, he talks so that everyone understands him.  He is
really good.  That is my missionary experience.  I heard that when he
spoke at the priesthood leadership meeting (which we did not go) 
 he had a wirless microphone and was walking around and telling them
to reactivate less actives and find more people to teach.  I heard it
was super intense.

Everything went good I was super excited about him coming and have been
inviting everyone over it was good.  Yesterday we talked to a guy that says
the bible contains all we need, I was like okay if it contained all
we need why are there so many different churches, he couldn't really
answer that.  Me and Elder Assey told him why we need another
Testament of Jesus Christ.  We need another witness so we can all be on
the same page.  Like a car wreck the police officer would like to know
if there was a second witness to the scene.  Same thing and we told
him just read and pray about it and you will receive your answer.  He
just didn't get it and we will send him of to the Spanish
missionaries ha ha  spanish is better for him.
 I am sorry I don't have lot to say.  But Elder Holland came and spoke.  
Before he left Whittier he said he was going to give a blessing on the stake, an Apostalic
Blessing to the Stake of Whittier.  It was really cool.  So All is Well,
all is well.
Love Elder Bowles

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