Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad
Hi how are you?   The Easter bunny came and I ate some candy I bought last week.   M companion was like it's not healthy.  I was like who cares it's Easter.   Let me eat what I want to eat.   I am happy of what I eat . I am this close to telling him to shut up and let me choose what I want to eat.   He keeps on telling me you are going to have diabeties and you won't be able to run after your mission and you are going to die at a young age.   I don't believe him.   I have done this till date.   Be quiet and let people choose for themselves.   I just keep my mouth shut and have patience.  If I could put one word in front of him it would be AGENCY.   Well you got some excitement back at home. In California it has been some wonderful weather. everyday it has been about 75 degrees so it has been very nice.

I bet Harley missed Grandpa and was very happy to go on the walks.   I got their letter. If they are still there tell them I miss them and they are the best.
I wanted to know when you guys were going to replace that fence. it's on the edge of falling down.   You have got the bathrooms, kitchen, and the fence outside.   It will be toatally new when I come home.   I can't wait to see the bathroom.   It's been sunny here the whole week so it should be sunny there for the whole week.

My coat is fine everything is fine.   Last week on Tuesday I saw my disctrict from the MTC.   It was a special training we had to go to.   It was the missionaries who have been here for 2 or less tranfers.   I got to see ELder Zaugg, Atherton, Robison, Evens, and Elder Usivitche.   It was so great to see them.  Thursday the 28th something amazing is going to happen.   Elder  L. Tom Perry is going to come speak to the missionaries so it will be so cool.   I get to see him again.   My implant stuff did come.   The coil to my implant is here. but they always send another box to return my old coil back.   I got the new one but they sended no box to return it back.  The dews sent me a box full of candy  so I could use the box they sent me and it's small for my coil I could write the address on that box and send it back to Colorado.  You can tell me next week they don't need it back till 60 days.   It's only been 7 days. you can tell me next week by email.

When I was at the MTC There were some sisters going to South America. They told me they stay 3 weeks in the MTC and spend the rest somplace in South America. I hope she is studying Preach My Gospel.   I wish I listened to Derek and should have studied it more. That is so funny the pipe broke in a new School.  It's a brand new $$$$$$$$$ school and a pipe broke.  It's just so funny I wonder what happened. I hope you have a wonderful time seeing Carson's play.   He has got talent and is a very good singer.   Happy Easter and have a wonder full day.
  Love ELder Bowles

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011: Elder Bowles

Happy Birthday Mom!!! I hope you had a great birthday. The Easter bunny is going to come next week so I've got to get some Easter eggs and maybe do an Easter egg hunt in the apartment.  It was a good week. Yea my implant was acting up so I switched it and forgot about it then my other roommates said do you have another one I said yes then I remembered. Good thing we found out the problem. Yes my Mission President and his wife are very nice and care about the missionaries. Yesterday I just had another experience with another pastor.   One thing I notice about pastors is they are really prideful and they think they know everything.   Yesterday we would ask him a question and he would tell us lots scriptures from the bible but it dosen't really focus on the question.   That guy knew his bible really well.   I can't memorize all those scriptures.   I just share what I know.  He was saying that Joseph Smith didn't exist and the Book of Mormon was false.   We asked him,  "Have you read the Book of Mormon?"  He said,  "No I don't need to read it."   Then we told if you never read the Book of Mormon then you don't understand our message.   He doesn't understand.  All I have to say to him is he will find out when he dies.   It sounds like camping was fun.   Good thing someone returned those keys or you would have been in big trouble. You would have left Harley in that kennel a long time.   You know that family from Nepal we are teaching.   They told us they don't want to get baptize but still follow Jesus Christ.   It's a cultural thing.   Yesterday me and ELder Roberts decided to jump way ahead of all the lessons and talk about Temples.   We are working on our attack moves.   The reason we talked about temples is that if they want that family to be an eternity family, if they want to have this joy then you must be baptized then you can go to the temple and be married for all time and eternity.   We showed them different pictures of the temple and how beutiful it is.   I think it hit them a lot and I think they wanted to start an eternity family.   So after the lesson they told us they don't want to be baptized just yet.   I was like yes they are thinking about it.   Before they told us no baptism and now not just yet.   This is a progressing family.   I have hope and have faith for them.
I like how you are doing different quotes each week That's pretty cool. Thanks MOM,DAD,KRISTIN I love you all. When does Caig leave for his mission?    I love you thanks for your support and talk to you more next week. LOVE YOU!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,
 I am usually organized about my cochlear implant stuff.   Just one day it was gone I could not find it.  I don't know where it went.  Sorry I did not mean to lose it.  Just before I forget,  my brown cochlear implant is acting strange.  I started wearing the gray one.� On the Brown  implant it will only work at a certain place on the ear or when I smile it would stop working.� It's weird but the gray one is working amazing.  Should I send the brown implant back at home?  I have been looking for a small box to send that implant back  home. Mabye the post office will have one.  I just need help on this one.  What do I do?  I have lot's of batteries.  We are teaching a few people but it's kind of slow.  5 of our best investigators dropped us.  So now we are back at square one.   My bike is at the bishop's house in Norwalk.   It's sitting in his garage but I have to get it sometime.  We have 4 bikes in the apartment and we don't want to crowd another one in there, and that will make 5 bikes.  So my bike is safe. This week a lot of people have said so many bad things about Joseph Smith..  How he did this and that and the people don't realize that he was a prophet.  One day we were knocking on this door and we asked if we can share our message with you .  They said no and we asked do you know a neighbor that will like the message we share? They said next door there is a pastor for this church.
Me and Elder Roberts took the challenge and talked to the pastor.  He said he hated the Mormons.  I asked him a question.  Why are there so many different churches or religions on the earth to day?   He told me that the church never left the earth.  I told him you didn't answer my question.  I repeated the question to him with a higher tone.   He said he didn't know why.   It was a long pause.  We explained to him why and he denied it and said the church never left the earth, it was always on this earth.  Then elder Roberts asked what if people who have never been baptized or never have heard of the gospel can get into heaven.  Then the pastor said you are moving to a different subject.   Roberts said just a question.  He didn't know the answer to that question.  It was very interesting and told him we are not going to get anywhere if we are auguing.  Have a nice day bye.  Me and elder Roberts felt that we had won the battle.  When the pastor didn't know the answer to a question he would be at a pause and would say uuummmm.  We have the full truth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Other churches have a part of it but don't have the full gospel.
I hope you liked that.  This week was interesting and I reflected on the past years before I turned in my mission papers.  There was a quote saying "don't let good moments pass you by, and look what's important and what's not important".   It had the Idaho temple picture above.  I try and remember the good times I have had and I only remember a few moments that I had I don't know why.  By 9th grade I was so focused on school and always worried if I am going to pass the grade.  Nnow I just barely remember high school.  I have learned to take each day as a happy day or as a moment.  I am sorry that I was sometimes so mad and saying duh all the time to you.  I didn't mean to.  I would just get frustrated.  I am sorry.  I just wanted to tell you that.   Mom and dad you have been wonderful and great parents and I love you.  Thank you for supporting me in my concerts and sports.  Thank you for being there for me. I may not be the smartest missionary in the scrictptures but I can be the best missionary I can be and share what I know about this gospel and what joy it can bring to a person.   Over the past 2 months I have learned a lot in the scriptures.  More than I ever knew.  I can take those things I have learned and apply them to the investigators I teach.  Thank you Mom and dad you are the best.   I got the box of goodies.   It's so good!!!
Thank you I love you Mom, Dad, Kristin or (sister Bowles)

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011: Elder Bowles

Watching all the conference talks, it was so good and what the prophet and apostles spoke is true.   They are becoming more straight to the point. I loved it and I am going to read all the conference talks again when it comes out in May. Yes the MTC was amazing!!!! good food everything was fantastic, I can stay there forever. I did make some cinnamon rolls in the morning of conference. I just got to keep the tradition going. My roomates were happy. Yes Craig Sheanshang will get nervous before he enters. All he has got to do is study Preach My Gospel and he will be fine. The MTC will keep you so busy that you don't even think about home just once. I wasn't homesick when I was in the MTC because I kept myself busy.   When he get's out in the mission field he must keep himself busy or he will get homesick.   If he thinks about home while he does missinary work he will get home sick. I had to learn the hard way.   If he works hard he will never regret it.
I can't wait to see the bathroom when I get back, it will be nice.  Saturday the assistants were going to call us to see if we get transferred or not.   I am staying in my area with my companion.   My companion just got called to a district leader  so I am still going to be in the same area for another month and a half.  All of my roommates speak Spanish except me and elder Joen.  We are the only ones assigned to English speaking. There is big news coming in the end of April. They said it has never happened.   Elder Perry,  one of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming down to Long Beach California and is going to speak to all the Missionaries.   We can have conversations with him.  It's going to be so cool.  How is Kristin?   Is she getting everything ready?   Is she nervous?   Does she have any questions for me about the MTC ?  It will be fun.   The sheets the gave me are great.   Just like a bed. Now I make my bed everyday.  Can you send a recharchable implant battery?   Somehow I lost it-- I can't find it.   Thanks !  When does Craig leave to go to the MTC?  Thanks for supporting me, Thank you mom and Dad

I forgot one thing In the beginning.   I told my companion Elder Robets that I don't like fruits and vegtables.   All my roomates keep hammering at me that I should eat them or I will die.   I told them what I eat makes me happy.   I just ignore them.   I don't think they understand the principle about agency.  Well it's fun here.    Bye
Love, Elder Bowles