Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011: Elder Bowles

Happy Birthday Mom!!! I hope you had a great birthday. The Easter bunny is going to come next week so I've got to get some Easter eggs and maybe do an Easter egg hunt in the apartment.  It was a good week. Yea my implant was acting up so I switched it and forgot about it then my other roommates said do you have another one I said yes then I remembered. Good thing we found out the problem. Yes my Mission President and his wife are very nice and care about the missionaries. Yesterday I just had another experience with another pastor.   One thing I notice about pastors is they are really prideful and they think they know everything.   Yesterday we would ask him a question and he would tell us lots scriptures from the bible but it dosen't really focus on the question.   That guy knew his bible really well.   I can't memorize all those scriptures.   I just share what I know.  He was saying that Joseph Smith didn't exist and the Book of Mormon was false.   We asked him,  "Have you read the Book of Mormon?"  He said,  "No I don't need to read it."   Then we told if you never read the Book of Mormon then you don't understand our message.   He doesn't understand.  All I have to say to him is he will find out when he dies.   It sounds like camping was fun.   Good thing someone returned those keys or you would have been in big trouble. You would have left Harley in that kennel a long time.   You know that family from Nepal we are teaching.   They told us they don't want to get baptize but still follow Jesus Christ.   It's a cultural thing.   Yesterday me and ELder Roberts decided to jump way ahead of all the lessons and talk about Temples.   We are working on our attack moves.   The reason we talked about temples is that if they want that family to be an eternity family, if they want to have this joy then you must be baptized then you can go to the temple and be married for all time and eternity.   We showed them different pictures of the temple and how beutiful it is.   I think it hit them a lot and I think they wanted to start an eternity family.   So after the lesson they told us they don't want to be baptized just yet.   I was like yes they are thinking about it.   Before they told us no baptism and now not just yet.   This is a progressing family.   I have hope and have faith for them.
I like how you are doing different quotes each week That's pretty cool. Thanks MOM,DAD,KRISTIN I love you all. When does Caig leave for his mission?    I love you thanks for your support and talk to you more next week. LOVE YOU!!

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