Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad
Hi how are you?   The Easter bunny came and I ate some candy I bought last week.   M companion was like it's not healthy.  I was like who cares it's Easter.   Let me eat what I want to eat.   I am happy of what I eat . I am this close to telling him to shut up and let me choose what I want to eat.   He keeps on telling me you are going to have diabeties and you won't be able to run after your mission and you are going to die at a young age.   I don't believe him.   I have done this till date.   Be quiet and let people choose for themselves.   I just keep my mouth shut and have patience.  If I could put one word in front of him it would be AGENCY.   Well you got some excitement back at home. In California it has been some wonderful weather. everyday it has been about 75 degrees so it has been very nice.

I bet Harley missed Grandpa and was very happy to go on the walks.   I got their letter. If they are still there tell them I miss them and they are the best.
I wanted to know when you guys were going to replace that fence. it's on the edge of falling down.   You have got the bathrooms, kitchen, and the fence outside.   It will be toatally new when I come home.   I can't wait to see the bathroom.   It's been sunny here the whole week so it should be sunny there for the whole week.

My coat is fine everything is fine.   Last week on Tuesday I saw my disctrict from the MTC.   It was a special training we had to go to.   It was the missionaries who have been here for 2 or less tranfers.   I got to see ELder Zaugg, Atherton, Robison, Evens, and Elder Usivitche.   It was so great to see them.  Thursday the 28th something amazing is going to happen.   Elder  L. Tom Perry is going to come speak to the missionaries so it will be so cool.   I get to see him again.   My implant stuff did come.   The coil to my implant is here. but they always send another box to return my old coil back.   I got the new one but they sended no box to return it back.  The dews sent me a box full of candy  so I could use the box they sent me and it's small for my coil I could write the address on that box and send it back to Colorado.  You can tell me next week they don't need it back till 60 days.   It's only been 7 days. you can tell me next week by email.

When I was at the MTC There were some sisters going to South America. They told me they stay 3 weeks in the MTC and spend the rest somplace in South America. I hope she is studying Preach My Gospel.   I wish I listened to Derek and should have studied it more. That is so funny the pipe broke in a new School.  It's a brand new $$$$$$$$$ school and a pipe broke.  It's just so funny I wonder what happened. I hope you have a wonderful time seeing Carson's play.   He has got talent and is a very good singer.   Happy Easter and have a wonder full day.
  Love ELder Bowles

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