Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011: Elder Bowles

Watching all the conference talks, it was so good and what the prophet and apostles spoke is true.   They are becoming more straight to the point. I loved it and I am going to read all the conference talks again when it comes out in May. Yes the MTC was amazing!!!! good food everything was fantastic, I can stay there forever. I did make some cinnamon rolls in the morning of conference. I just got to keep the tradition going. My roomates were happy. Yes Craig Sheanshang will get nervous before he enters. All he has got to do is study Preach My Gospel and he will be fine. The MTC will keep you so busy that you don't even think about home just once. I wasn't homesick when I was in the MTC because I kept myself busy.   When he get's out in the mission field he must keep himself busy or he will get homesick.   If he thinks about home while he does missinary work he will get home sick. I had to learn the hard way.   If he works hard he will never regret it.
I can't wait to see the bathroom when I get back, it will be nice.  Saturday the assistants were going to call us to see if we get transferred or not.   I am staying in my area with my companion.   My companion just got called to a district leader  so I am still going to be in the same area for another month and a half.  All of my roommates speak Spanish except me and elder Joen.  We are the only ones assigned to English speaking. There is big news coming in the end of April. They said it has never happened.   Elder Perry,  one of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming down to Long Beach California and is going to speak to all the Missionaries.   We can have conversations with him.  It's going to be so cool.  How is Kristin?   Is she getting everything ready?   Is she nervous?   Does she have any questions for me about the MTC ?  It will be fun.   The sheets the gave me are great.   Just like a bed. Now I make my bed everyday.  Can you send a recharchable implant battery?   Somehow I lost it-- I can't find it.   Thanks !  When does Craig leave to go to the MTC?  Thanks for supporting me, Thank you mom and Dad

I forgot one thing In the beginning.   I told my companion Elder Robets that I don't like fruits and vegtables.   All my roomates keep hammering at me that I should eat them or I will die.   I told them what I eat makes me happy.   I just ignore them.   I don't think they understand the principle about agency.  Well it's fun here.    Bye
Love, Elder Bowles

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