Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011: Elder Bowles


Dear mom and Dad,

It stopped raining. It rained for like 2 days straight, good thing I am in a car. There are so many puddles that you can go through in california. I will be like "oh there is a puddle" and make a big splash. It's fun, but now it stopped raining. Each night I am trying to remember the experiences that I had. So far I've had a few. When I got here on the first day my companion said "hey can you drive?" and I said "yeah." then After that he gave me the car keys, said "you drive because I lost my driving priviliges." Wo it's way crazy to drive in california. It's like you are driving 40 miles an hour and over to my right are some houses and parked cars. I am like between 3-5 feet away from them. I have been driving for a month and I am pretty used to it. Sometimes we drive on the freeway to get to the library or the church. I forgot to tell you-- last week a person in the ward works at this ice skating rink and she said that Michelle Kawan (I don't know how to spell it) but anyway she is a famous korean ice skater and she was in the Olympics and she practices there. We went there and she was not there. We will try next time.

I am sad about BYU. The nation was watching that team because everyone knows Fredette, the famous basketball player. The church ward was talking about it and wanted them to win. BYU is still BYU.

Last week I did buy some more stuff. I bought bread,ham,gronola bars, orange juice, Cheezits, and jello. I just have to slowly get used to buying this stuff. The ward buys the grocery for us. They get the chicken, tortitas, cheese,and milk. I am just slowly eating more stuff. Each Thursday we have district meetings and we talk about how we can improve our teachings when we teach the investigators. Where we wash our clothes is right next to the apartment so it's kind of nice we just drive a little ways and we are there.
Elder Roberts and I just got dropped by our best investigator last week. He just felt like it's just too much for him and is not ready. We were so close to baptizing him. Do you remember that you gave me the choice wheither to get the coclear implant or not? After praying to Heavenly Father I made the right decision. My hearing aid right now barely works. If I just have my hearing aid on I can only hear loud things. It just barely works, but since I made the right decision I can hear out of my left ear and I am having conversations with the peope I meet. so it just turned to the opposite direction. There is probably one blessing that I am thankful --getting the choclear implant and asking Heavenly Father for help. I ponder a lot of that this week and never realized it. Decisions that a person makes, whether great or small, determines their destiny or their eternal progression in the life to come. I just never thought about that before. The cochlear implant works and has helped me a lot even though my hearing aid barely works. That's an experience I had last week. Choclear implants work great and I am thankful. This Thursday I will find out whether I will get transfer to a new area or whether I stay, So I will find out this week. Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting and I will continue serving the Lord. Thanks and I love you. Say Hi to everyone for me.

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