Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011: Elder Bowles

Thanks mom. my favorite scripture is 1st nephi 3:7 I don't have my scriptures with me and I am going to send you some papers from the MTC and I am going to again clarify the scripture that goes on my plaque. okay. Go BYU!! I heard a lot of snow came to Utah. Keep me posted on BYU. I have got to know what's happening to the basketball team. I am missing the snow and the BYU Basketball. My hearing aid is fine, just the tube broke as I was trying to pull it. No worries--I got a new tube. My shirts and suits are holding up okay They are still white. Thank you mom and dad fro sending me Mcdonalds cards. I am going to so use those today and I am going to buy 2 burgers and a shake. It will be the best lunch I have eaten since I gotton here. You guys can send packages of food to me if you want. Every food counts and it will go down to my stomach. The bathroom will be nice when I get back and I hope the kitchen will be back. I hope you the washer will be fixed and you guys can still do your landaury. Elder Roberts is happy about those Mcdonalds cards. I just wanted to ask Dad a question. Dad when you get a little older are you going on a LDS Mission? It's a great experience and you would want to go on one. There is a scripture I just can't think of it now but I will tell you next week. I am having a great time. It's just when I eat dinner at the members houses. I just prepare for the worst. There's this new food I tasted and it's so good. It's called pankeke It sounds strange but it's good. Pankeke is basically like a pancake and you roll it in a ball and then you deep fried it and eat it. It's good. The other day I ate something so gross. It's lasagna but with vegtables. Gross I think there are trying to kill me now. Me and my companion are teaching this new investigator and he commited to be baptized and we might baptize within 3 weeks. I am so excited. Did I tell you that we are also teaching a family that's from Nepal. They believe like in 30,000 gods and wants to add yours into theirs so it's confusing but they still want to learn and they are progressing. They are reading very slowly. It's good. Keep me posted on BYU.

I love you .
Elder Bowles

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