Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,
Everything is going great.   I saw the pictures and it snowed pretty good.   On one of the pictures I saw the fence.   Is that our fence what happened to our old one?  That new fence is so cool . I like the color and it's a cool fence.   This morning I got a chance to go to the LA Temple.   It was so nice to go to the temple.  It's been 3 months since I have not gone through a temple . It was very nice.
I feel very sad for Marilyn and I want to express my love to her.
I have some good news and bad news.   Let's start with the bad news.   The car is in the shop, so we had to use our bikes. I've  been using my bike for about 2-3 weeks.   Last week on wednesday, I was going off of this speed bumb,  you know to get air,  well when I came down somehow the wheel fell off and crashed into the road hard and scrached my elbow and my side hip.   When I got up I looked at my arm by my elbow.   It's like the skin went on the road rubbing it. So I have this big huge scratch from my elbow to about a finger long. It was hurting  when I was cleaning it.   I put nespron on it and it is healing very very slowly.   I go to bed at night and I can't find a good sleeping spot because every time I set my arm down it hurts because I put pressure on it.   I am okay.   The car should be back in a few days.
Last week Elder Perry spoke to the missionaries of the Anaheim and Long Beach Missions.  It was so cool.   I was sitting on the second row.   Elder Perry talked about the world and how the church is growing.   He said what the world says about us and that with all the negativity it opens doors for us in the church. Tthe people are going to realize that we don't do those things.   He talked also about how it's important to read theBook of Mormon and to teach about the Book of Mormon.   He talked about Joseph smith and how Heavenly Father chooses his Prophets very carefully.   He said it was the perfect place to train Joseph Smith and teach him about the church and help him to translate the Gold Plates.  He said that Joseph was completely isolated from the world and was in the right place.   Heavenly Father knows who he chooses the Prophet to be.   I just never thought about it that deeply as Elder Perry.

This Sunday for Mothers Day. the call is only suppose to last for 40 minutes.   I asked my mission President about the skype.   So I don't know yet,  I think he will tell me in the next few days. I don't know if we are using skype or not. Good thing president bubert wife knows. I am excited to talk to the everyone. It's going to be wonderful. I cain't wait. Mabye you could ask today if skype is okay so we are both asking and the are concerd. Can you show me the pictures of the bathroom I really want to see the progress. Thanks for supporting me mom,Dad,kristine. I got te easter basket. The Easter bunny came!!!!!!!
Thank you I love all of you. Happy Easter.
The call on mothers day has to last for 40 min the told us. The told us there are 2 slots when I can call one at 3:00 to 40 minutes and then one later in the evening. I don't know who has skype. I haven't asked.   Mabye I will ask my Mission President what I should do.   I think I am calling 3:00 California time so I think it's perfect.   I am just unsure of the skype.  Iit should be good.

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