Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad

I forgot to tell you yesterday Happy Mother's Day!!! Wow it was great to do skype. Last night I told you that my Mission President gave me special permission to do skype.   I think that I was the only one that did skype.   Good thing I am deaf so I can see you guys.   I was a little late sorry about that.   I got at the mission office around 3:45 and trying out how to do skype.   Good thing the elders helped me.   All the Elders were jelous and I told them I am special.   Elder Roberts said what did your family talk about or what did they say?   I said you don't need to know what my family said, my family is personal worry about your family.   He is like we are companions so you have to tell me.   I said no, and told him the same thing again.
The cut on my arm is fine and the scabs on my arm are coming off and the pink and red is going away.   So it must be healing slowly. Yesterday that was a fast 40 minintes.   I did not expect it to go that fast. I t was so nice to see you on the camera.   I forgot all the questions you asked me, but it was so nice to see all of you.
I am wearing my brown cochlear implant and it is working so you don't have to worry.   They are both working fine.   Now you can ask me the questions that you were going to ask me yesterday.
I heard you met Elder Roberts girlfriend.   Is she nice?   Elder Roberts said he wants to get married at 21 or 22.   It sounds a little nuts.   I could give him some advice but he's not going to listen.   But I am going to keep my mouth shut and let him figure it out. Well I love you and happy mothers day.   Write some more questions from yesterday.   I love to answer to them all.   Love ELDER BOWLES

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