Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,
  Well you had a crazy week.   I can't believe you drove all the way to Montana and back. That is a long drive.   Wet weather, sorry all we had was sun. The address to my apartment is different.   It the same address but a different number.   I's B13.   I moved all the stuff out of the old and put it in the new.   It took a total of 2 days.   One day was like moving and the other day was cleaning. That apartment was disgusting. It was really dirty. The kitchen was always dirty and you will see cockroaches when you come to the apartment at night. When we took out the fridge,  under it was a bunch of dead cockraches and was gross.  But we cleaned it and it is a sparkly white floor now.   The new apartment is so much better.   Basically everything in there is new.   I am glad. Me and Elder Serrano made a goal to clean the apartment daily.   If something needs to be cleaned we clean it and the same thing with vacuming.   We have been there for a week and it's going pretty good. Every night I would come to the apartment and it would be clean, there would be no cockroaches!!!   It nice to come into a nice clean apartment.

How did Kristin handle receiving her endowment.   Was she shocked and confused at first.   I bet she was and probaly said what happened to me?    Kristin goes to the MTC in a month and you will have 2 kids on their missions at the same time.  It's crazy.   Right now the missionary work is slow and we have no investigators.  We have a few potentials but not really any investigators so we are knocking on doors and going to former investigators.

About my hearing aide.   I just forget to tell you every PDay  I wore it during the MTC and it was working fine I heard out of it.   But as soon as I got to California the hearing aid sort of died.   like I would take out my implant and put the hearing aid on and the only thing I would hear is like the sound of a finger snap.  But I coudn't have a communication with my hearing aid just with my implant.   When I got in the bicycle accident my hearing aide fell out and I didn't realize it.   Just before I left for dinner that dayI realized my hearing aid was not on me.   I said a quick prayer hoping that my hearing  aid would be there.   When I went out to the spot where I fell it was there. It's all in one piece but the outside is a little rough.   I think when I had the bycyle accident I either stepped on it or a car ran over it. It's still in one piece.   So I have not worn it since.  I have been using my implant only. Before the Accident I don't think my hearing aid was helping me.   I think it was dying because it's been used all my life.   It is just worn out.   I am going to put a new battery in my hearing aid and try it again.   As soon as I got to California Long Beach Mission the hearing aid went to it's lowest volume.   It's an old hearing aid.   I have been using only my implant.   I've had lots of conversations with people, talking on the phone and I am adjusting to talking  to people outside by cars and when it's windy.   Don't get mad at me I just forgot to tell you about the hearing aid, been busy with missionary work.

Can't believe Tyler is home, Tre will be home in a month.   I saw them when they left and now they are back.  Say hello to Tyler for me.

I love you mom and dad Thank you for supporting me.   More missionary stories next week.   California is deinately an international Mission.   Have a wonderful week family,   I love you all .
Love Elder Bowles

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