Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,
Good thing that you only have like 2 more weeks of school.   Good thing this year the plays turned out well-- wish I could be there.   It rained yesterday and it has been 2 days of windy weather.   It looks like that you had a busy schedule. You go to Montana then you come back and help Kristin get ready to go in the MTC. It will be exciting. What is Kristin's Missionary MTC address so I can write to her and what is craig's missionary MTC Address?

Well I am very sorry to hear all the sad news that we have had in the ward.   Give all my love to them and wish them to get well soon. Tyler comes home this Friday whoa it's crazy.   He I just left and he is back now.   I won't see Tyler or Tre for 2 more years.   Looks like the bathroom is almost done.  Do you think that you can send me some pictures when it's done because I really want to see it.   Derek Marshal telling you about the cockroaches it's way worse than you think.   The elders before I got then never cleaned up the place good so cockroaches started coming in.   I think the building has to be burned down to make the cockroaches go way forever.   Yesterday when I was heading back to the apartment up on this brickwall I saw this dark black big animal with a long skinny tail.   I was like what is that. Then it looked at me I said hey Elder Roberts it's a possum. Elder roberts scared it away and I could not take a picture of it. It was so cool.

Does kristin have any questions about the MTC?????? I can answer them for her.   My arm is fine and it's healed. No I am not riding my bike anymore, we got the car back. We got it back on Friday.   I was like yes now we can get to appointments faster and be a little safer. On the car they replaced the entire front bumper.   I did not break anything to that nice 2010 Chevy car. The other Elders ran into a cement block and broke the bolts of the splash guard . Then I guess they broke the grill too and made a crack behind the lisence plate of the car.   I did nothing to it. T he other Elders never reported it.   They did not want to lose their driving priviledges.   Now we got the car back.

On the 14th we got tranfer calls.   You want to know where I am going????? I am staying in the area but I will be moving to a different ward. I was in Norwalk Ward now I am in Cerritos 1st ward.   Elder Roberts told me that Elder Clegg who is almost done with his mission was in Cerritos 1st ward for 2 tranfers and was in Norwalk for 6 months.   I just hope it's not the opposite I don't want to be in this city for 8 months. That will be really bad.   I got a New Companion Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was one of my roomates in my apartartment when they told me where I was going the said you're going to be in Cerritos 1st ward and you are going to be campanions with Elder Serrano.   Elder Serrono is from Mexico and is a great missionary. I  can't wait to work with him.   It should be fun. I am moving to a different apartment so  me and Elder Serrona will keep it clean.   Can you send me a copy of the new magazine of general conference April 2010?   I saw it it so cool, the  picture of temple square covered with snow.  Cool Picture Thanks Mom and Dad I love You.
Sincerely Elder Bowles

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