Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday June 18, 2012: Elder Bowles--My Companion got his Visa!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well the biggest news is that My companion who was a visa waiter is
going to New Zealand tomorrow night.  On Friday we got a call from our
mission president saying Elder Assey, you got your visa and you are
flying to new zealand on Tuesday night around 9:48.  I don't know
what's going to happen to me.  I know mabye I will be a solo
companion.  yes ha ha.  President has not told me anything but we are
going to his house for brownies and icecream and it is going to be
really good.  I'll tell you next week on what hapened to me.

This week was good, we taught a lot of people.  We got a new
investigator and how we got her is interesting, I'll tell you about it.
There were these pest control people going around trying to sell their
product.  We were walking and we hear, "Hey Elders."  We look back and it's
those pest control people I was like oh no they are everywhere.  They
were LDS and we started talking and right before he leave I was like
hey do you know who would be interested in our message, you are kind
of doing this too?  ha ha.  He was like actually I just sold one to this
lady up the street her name is Rachelle, I think she would be
interested.  The pest control guy is Jordan.  Jordan was like I'll
introduce her to you guys alright?  We are like okay.  We go up the street
and Jordan tells Rachelle, " I met these missionaries down the road and
they share a meassege about Jesus Christ and how the gospel has been
restored on the earth again.  I used to serve a mission also.  She said
we can teach her and we got in.  Jordan tells Elder Assey you want me
to come or I'll just go.  I told him Jordan you will receive the
blessings so he stayed in for the lesson for that hour.  We taught a
wonderful lesson about the plan of salvation and what our purpose is in
this life.  It was really good and she invited us to come back again.  It
was really cool I never thought that would happen from a pest conrtrol
person.  So that was really cool.

Next me and Elder Assey taught a person who does not believe in God or
didn't know there was a God.  It was difficult to teach him because we
would tell him about God and he will be like what is that?  We taught
him and before we left we invited him to look up toward the night sky and
you will know what we meant.

Another teaching experience was our investigator Jessica.  She is really cool and
really wants to learn.  She asked that she would like to learn more
about faith and how to obtain more faith.  We read with her in the
Book of Mormon about that.  It's in Ether chapt 12 and talks about faith
and how people practiced that faith in the Book of Mormon.  She liked
it but right when we were about done her father in law walks in the
room and sees us then left.  Jessica was like I am so dead!  I am
doomed, oh well.  We left and we got a text from her an hour later
saying sorry guys I can't have you come over because my father in law
owns the property and does not want you over here.  Her father in law
is a hard straight forward Catholic and didn't really like us.  So I
don't know what's going to happen.  Mabye we can teach her at the park or
at the church-- I am not giving up if she is still interested.  So that's
what went on this week.

One more-- a mailman was talking to us this week and said, "Are you
Mormon?"  We said yes and then she said no offense but you are a cult.
She kept talking about bible scriptures and then I told her I have one
question,  Do you know what a cult means?  She said something else and it
was not correct.  I told her what it actually means is a cult is an
organized religion.    I said. "What is your religion?"  she said
something then I told her that's a cult.  She denied it and I said any
religion is a cult yes we are a cult your religion is a cult.  It was
frustrating that she didn't get it.  Then she was like, "Why do you have
the Book of Mormon, where did Moroni come from, it's not in the Bible.  I
was like of course not because the Bible was written in Jeruselem
and The Book of Mormon was written in America.  She wanted to bash.
 I was like whatever.  She didn't like when we called her a cult.  She was
teaching false doctrine and we are there to teach correct doctrine.  SO it was really good.

It was a good week.  We taught many people and we will see what happens next week.

Love Elder Bowles.  
Oh yeah, one more thing, sorry Mom, Dad needs to
answer this.  Dad can you sent me my line of authority?  I need one
because when they say you don't have priesthood authority I can show
them that it traces all the way back.  If you can send
me that, that would be great.  Thanks  Love you

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