Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday June 4, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
 Wow there is a lot of stuff that's going on back at
home. That family that you are talking about we met with them
yesterday.  They are a sweet family and really awesome.  We talked to
them and told them that we believe in apostles and a prophet.  An
apostle is coming down to speak to the stake.  It was cool.  We told
them a lot of principles and things about our church.  The wife was
like I am interested in hearing different religions but to join, no not
really.  I was like no you don't understand.  Your church does not have
the priesthood authority and it is not Christ's Church.   The husband
doesn't understand the Catholic church fully and we need to save him
and have him understand why this is the true
church.  We are going to continue to work with them.  We are going to
focus on the husband mostly.  We are not giving up on them.
This week was a slow and fast week at the same time.
 Elder Jeffery Holland is coming down next week to speak at stake conference.  It
is going to be awesome.  They are changing the stake presidency and it
is going to be awesome.  I can't wait.  So right now me and Elder
Assay have been going by everyone-- members, less active, investigators
and telling them about the big news that we have.  I can't wait, I
love it when Elder Holland speaks.  He is really good.

All right, spiritual experiences-- yesterday before dinner we decided to
knock some doors.  The first couple of doors no one answered.  The next one
we knocked and a guy answered and opened the door.  We told him that we are
missionaries. He said I am not interested and he said it is really
strange you came because my aunt just passed away about 1 hour ago and
you showed up.  Then he asked how does the lds church conduct funerals?
We told him and he said aaa okay and we asked him "May we come next
time and share our meassege about god's plan for us, why we are here, and
where we are going, and where we were before this life."  He said come
back in 2 weeks.  So it was good.  The next house a young girl answered and
we shared a message with her and she had a couple of good questions. 
  She told us that she was going through some letters of
her ex boyfriend who commited suicide and you showed up at my door.
She was in shock that we came.  Well God answers prayers and we are
here.  Accept our message.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Then she
said do you mind if I smoke in front of you?   We said no.  So she lit
her cigarette and in about a minute  it burned out for some reason.  She
was trying to light it again and it wouldn't i light.  So it was pretty cool.
If God answers prayers he's not going to let you smoke in front of
us.  So it was really cool.  Maybe someday she will accept our
message because we already implanted a seed in her heart.
Another one was we went to go see a less active who has not been coming
to church.  We go see her and she was there.  She said that she has
been struggling and finds it hard to come to church.  I was feeling sad
and you guys just came, it shows that Heavenly Father is watching over
me.  Thank you for coming.  We were able to get a return set
appointment with her.  It was awesome this week.  We just showed up to
people's houses and they needed us.  It was really cool.  Have a
wonderful week, school is out and here comes summer!!!!

Elder Bowles

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