Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Letter Excerpts from Hermana Bowles--6-6-12

I think Moyobamba is such a beautiful paradise...extra time spent during the creation!  As small as Moyobamba is, I know God values each of his children equally.  For that reason, I loved Elder Holland's talk in the last conference--"No matter at what "hour" we are hired, the "wage" at the end of the day will be the same.  Our job is to always honor covenants.  Those we made at baptism and those in sacred temples."  I can imagine Moyo as a Stake one day and how happy the thought makes me.  Gospel seeds are being planted here!

Mmmm   I love bananas!

Wow, Hermanas--rain or shine they keep working hard.

Did they write on the wall just for Kristin?  She just happens to be 22 years old!

Rain doesn't slow down the hermanas!

The "Morro" or hill that can be seen from all around Moyobamba.

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