Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday May 28, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:  
The lady at UPS here was making me frustrated.
First we brought my bike in.  I said I have a bike that needs to be
sent.  She said well first of all it needs to be taken apart then I
can send it.  I said well, doesn't UPS do that with the shipping
included.  She said yes but it will cost more.  Fine so I take it apart.
I did that then I said I would like to ship it with a cash cod delivery.  She
said well you have to pay for it here then when it get's there they we will pay
you back.  That is an annoying process.  I said I didn't bring my card
with me.  She said then you can call your parents and have then call me.
 I was like listen you call my dad and he will pay it all right then.  
It was just quicker to do that.  So she did.  Man  she was frustrating.  
I brought my camera today so I can send some pictures
to you.

Big news up here in Whittier.  In Whittier they are getting a new stake
president so Elder Holland will be comming to help with that.  That is
so cool --we get to have an apostle come.  It is very rare when they
come.  So we have been telling everyone that we know Elder Holland is
coming!!!  It will be exciting.

All of our investigators were supposed to meet with us this week.  For
some reason they were not there and we could not meet them  It was
strange.  But we did talk to a person about the gospel yesterday.  We
told him that we are missionaries from the church and that God had
revealed new scripture to us called the Book of Mormon, another
testament of Jesus Christ.  He said well that's not in the bible and
all we need is the bible. aaa here we go again.  I asked him, "Do you
believe that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever?" He said
yes.  Alright, if God called prophets in times of old shouldn't he call
prophets now?  He said no we don't need them.  Then I corrected him
and said you just said he is the same, yesterday, today, and forever
and you are telling me God does not call prophets.  You just
contradicted yourself.  Then I explained the stick of judah and the stick of
Joseph and how we can hold them one in our hand at the last day.  And I
shared more scriptures from the Bible.  He was like confused.  Then I would
do it to the Book of Mormon and he will be like now you are using the
Book of Mormon.  He is brain washed from his own church.  Well the good thing
is that a seed was planted into his heart and hopfully he will be interested in the
future.  It was a good teaching opportunity and we asked him some
powerful questions.  So it was really good.  I felt good after that.
When someone denies if front of me my heart starts to pound and my
knees shake.  It was good.
 I am glad Cooper is graduating-- that is good. I am happy for him.  Sounds like
you are going to have a wonderful Memorial Day.  We are going to have fun on
this P-day playing sports I hope.  Me and Elder Asay are starying for another 6 weeks
if you wanted to know.
 Thank you very much.  More experiences next week.
Love ya
Love ELder Bowles

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