Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday June 25, 2012: Hermana Bowles

These are the props for our skit at District Meeting!  The little juane and the big juane.

Hola Familia:
In Zone Conference, Hermana Blunck talked about missionaries in the Book of Mormon and started on this tema (theme) that we are experiencing the Atonement FOR LIFE.  THe changes we make now don`t end in 18 months or 2 years....they are FOREVER. I `really cannot believe that I have more than one year in the Peru LIma North Mission now........Tampoco se que haria sin la Expiacion y esta experienca a realmente conocer a mi Salvador.
Hermana Vasquez is really incredible.  She`s so sharp.  She only has three months and I learn so much from her everyday.  She`s the third of four sisters and her oldest sister served a mission in Columbia.  We get along SO well and I am grateful to have her as a companion.  The funny part is that her house in Lima is close to mission headquarters and actually falls inside mission boundaries....for that reason, she thinks that she`ll spend her entire mission in the jungle.
The other elders in our branch in Moyo moved into our house.  What a lucky trade for them.....haha...they have a shower curtain of flowers and butterflies now.   heehee.
Feliz San Juan.......or here in la selva I guess I should say "Feliz San Fuan" because every j you practically pronounce with f.  Everyone in the jungle this week celebrated this holiday for John the Baptist, with the two main highlights being that everyone goes to the River Cumbaza and eats "Juanes" (rice and chicken packaged in leaves).   The "juane" represents the beheaded head of John the Baptist.  For our district sketch in the district talent show this week, our district sent various objects into the mad scientist machine to make small things bigger.....of course, we had to send a small juane through and make a giant one come out, hence, the picture.
The main celebration of San Juan fell on Sunday this year, which meant that church attendance was a little low.  President Blunck attended our branch this Sunday and spoke about Sunday being "Dia de Padre Celestial." (Heavenly Father's Day)  It was amazing how he explained that people find many reasons not to attend church on Sunday or to disobey that it is a day of rest.  He cited how he`d attended branches and wards with low attendance with reasons from.....oh it`s christmas....oh it`s new years.....oh there`s a school activity.....oh it`s the city anniversary.....oh it`s national independence day.....oh it`s mother`s day.....oh it`s father`s day.....He then asked the question of, "What day is the day of our Heavenly Father?"  It was a really powerful.
There were a wide variety of experiences this week.  President and Sister Blunck came for Zone Conference.  Once again, so powerful!  It was a conference that I`d had two weeks earlier in Moyobamba, but it was amazing to see the Spirit guide President with different needs in this area.  Many things were the same, of course, but hearing a repeat of this special training, helped me a lot.  Another day we found ourselves with a 16 year old from an Adventista family.  We knocked on the door and found her alone at home (her dad was working and her mom was in the middle of something.)  She said something like "Yeah, we`re adventistas, but come in!"  As we started talking to her she commented how she`d gotten tired of church and really only went because her parents took her.  She really was so curious and thanks to her parents, knew the scriptures really well......the only obstacle might be that her father is the pastor of their congregation....I guess we`ll see what happens this week.
We taught one family about the restoration and it was neat because their lesson was something perfectly out of the MTC.  The wife said the closing prayer and started crying halfway through the prayer.  She finished and Hna. VAsquez and I didn`t quite know exactly what to do.  We asked her if she was alright and with tears asked us when we could come back.  She had us write down all the information about the church, what day we meet, the was pretty incredible and once we were outside we started jumping up and down.  The woman`s name was Milagros, or in English: MIracles.
Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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