Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday June 4, 2012: Hermana Bowles

This is how we feel when we get into a house and teach a FAMILY.
In the first chapter of "Preach My Gospel" it teaches us to search for families.
"Make an effort to find and teach families--a father, mother, and
children--who can mutually support each other to live the gospel and can with time be sealed
as a family through the restored priesthood authority."  That's why
we are here...To baptize FAMILIES!!!

Here we are in Enith`s house finishing off the room in her house.
Best service EVER last week.  It was really dirty, but a million times
worth it.  With mud caked on our faces we told ourselves we were at
the lastest spa in downtown moyo having a new exfoliation treatment.
Enith Rucoba is so amazing.  Since we met her and she was baptized in
October she is basically "Mama Enith" and always telling us about her
mercado experiences that keep her aware of the blessings of the gospel
in her life.  She is truly amazing.


SERVICE:  Something Hermana Rodriguez and I started is serving the
members more.  A "lack of service" we had meant we hadn`t really been
paying attention to the needs of those around us.  Every week now, we
pick a member of the ward to serve.  We finished mudding in a room for
the latest convert, we cut the front lawn of the branch president,
weeded the back yard of the branch counselor, and reassembled primary
hymnbooks for one of the teachers.  Service is spelled L.O.V.E.   and
gives meaning for what we preach.  The best way is not to announce "We
are going to do service.  What service do you need in your house?"  It
is so much better with something like "President, you do so much in
your calling, can we help you trim the shrubs and grass in front of
your house."  We don`t serve because we want to be good christians.
What we do is love and help our brothers and sisters, doing what
Christ would do.  I always think of the rock on your desk at school, that
says:  The smallest good deed is better than the greatest intention."
 How true it is. 

That is SO exciting about elder Uchtdorf and Elder Cook coming......yet
another reason that I would love to go to Iquitos next transfer.  I
guess we`ll know in a week!

It`s really amazing…..the success of ONE person seems to wipe away
every other slammed door, crude comment, appointments that fall
through, every minute of walking is worth it when you see the success
of ONE person.  This week has really brought to light the scripture
that talks about “how great will be your joy in the kingdom of my
father if you bring but one soul…..”  It is so true.  More than
Lourdes, however, I think I`ve learned how yo. Mi, mi miasma (myself) is that
one soul.  Moyo has changed everything.  I love that Lourdes loves
reading her Book of Mormon.  When we went to their house last night,
she and her sister were sitting on the couch reading.

It`s not raining as much and a bit chillier……I have to admit that the
nylons that another hermana gave to me about 3 transfers ago came out
of the drawer one morning this week.  Put them on with socks and
shoved on the rainboots.  The cold always only lasts until midday,
though, so after lunch I took them off and was back to normal.
Everyone tells us that it`s only going to get colder and colder for
the tourist week and celebration of "San Juan" in two weeks.  I
guess that`s why they have to dance from the center to the hot
pots......they have to to stay warm.

President Blunck came for zone conference this week.  SOOOO wonderful.
I love zone conferences, really.  This time it was only with the 16
of us here in Moyo, but still so incredible.

Let Grandma know that I got her package as of an hour`s
burning a hole on my lap.  I can`t wait to open it! thank you thank
you thank you.

Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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