Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday July 2, 2012: Hermana Bowles--Life in Morales is great!

Hola Familia!
Sounds like celebrations for the fourth are in full-swing there. How fun. I`ve already told Hna. Vasquez that we are going to find a hamburger or something fried and greasy to eat on the fourth to celebrate. How fancy-shmancy must have been your dinner. That must`ve been really fun to go to. I really am so grateful for the states, too.  It`s an entire different lifestyle.  I`m grateful for hot water. carpet. finished buildings. toilet that flushes toilet paper. english. vegetables. no mosquito net. watermelon. cars. libraries. bookstores.
Thank you so much for cancelling my card.....sorry about the disasters I`ve caused with the bank.
* What is your pension like?
Pension works the same as in Moyo.  We eat lunch with the members.....although they are sure a lot busier with the missionaries here than in Moyo. The Elders eat with the members around their area and us hermanas always go four to the lunch appointment. Because there are six of us and it is still a branch, the members give us lunch two to three times every month. They rreallly are so good to us. Sometimes lunch falls through, or they can only take two (and the other two find a menu somewhere) but for the most part we always have something to eat.
* I saw a picture of you with the orange sweater on so I am assuming you got the package? I just thought I would send a couple of things you could layer with for the winter.
Thank you for your sweetness in thinking of me. I laughed a little that I got your package literally the day before cambios and knew I was going somewhere hotter than Moyo, but I still use the sweaters de vez in cuando.
* Are you staying healthy?
Yes I am staying healthy; although, I miss how much fruit I had in Moyo. It`s more city here and fruit is a little less plentiful and so I`ve felt a little bloated these days with all the bread and rice.....but I drink LOTS of water so things are great!
Have I mentioned how Hna. Vasquez and I have started referring to ourselves as "chinas." I got here and Hna. Melo remarked how we`re together because our eyes are little asian slits. It`s really funny, actually. 
Life in Morales is going great. Really hot, but really great.
The hermanas in Morales this week had a fun activity with the young women.....we made headbands!  Hna. Ivonne (Branch President`s wife) brought a bag FULL of fabric scraps from her family in Lima and Saturday afternoon in the capilla we taught them how to make little flowers and odds and ends to paste onto elastics to have headbands.  Sunday morning they all showed up with their new clips and headbands :)  I`ll have to send pictures. Hna. Ivonne is really our second mother. She refers to all of us missionaries "ya, hijos?" and takes such good care of us. 
We`ve had a lot of progress with one girl we`re teaching named Jhosy (Josie). She`d met with the Elders about four years ago with her brothers and sisters but ended up not being baptized. She`s progressing little by little and has such a desire to be baptized. Hooray!
Hermana Gladys is my favorite. She`s a woman that Hna. Vasquez and Hna. Arias baptized the week before I got here and really is an example of how people are PREPARED to find the gospel. She called to hna. vasquez and hna. Arias from the street and three weeks later was baptized. She was just called as first counselor in young women`s yesterday. I love visiting her Saturday mornings because she has her front windows open with hymns blasting form the inside. Her front table is now her churchbook library and I think she went to every activity this week. She`s made feather pictures for two families getting married this week and I didn`t know any better I`d think she`d been a member for years. I think the marriage news for two couples here is the most exciting news this week. Friday this week will be a FULL day.
Hermana Vasquez and I got to talking this week about the power of the Book of Mormon and the thing that has really helped the branch the most here. Checking on their Book of Mormon reading has brought more unity, friendship, and has helped them fulfill callings. I believe in the power of the Book of Mormon. Read it. feel it!
Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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