Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday July 9, 2012: Elder Bowles--The Book of Mormon can answer our questions

 Dear Mom and Dad:
 Well a big week.  Yes I enjoyed fireworks and
they were everywhere.  On the morning on the 4th of july the ward had a
breakfast and we got to go.  Then the Bishop fed us lunch,  After
that we saw a person or two then we did service for one of the members
and then of course dinner.  It was really cool.  It's really hard to do
missionary work on the 4th of july-- no one wants to be preached to. We had
a couple potential and former investigators that we went by but no
luck.  When it hit 8:00pm it was like a war zone.  We were walking
down the street and fireworks would go off in any direction.  It was
really cool.  Bang, pow, really a war zone-- I had fun.  I was like elder, let's
watch the fireworks.  He was like my heart says yes but my spirit says no.
I was like that's true but no one is going to listen to us on this
4th of july.  So it was fun.
 On Friday we saw our investigator John.
John has known Mormon friends all of his life and he has like 8 copies of
the Book of Mormon.  They were given to him by his friends.  He brings
out his 1950 copy of The Book of Mormon.  It was really cool.  John
told us that years ago he had a question about something so he opened up the book
of Alma chapt 11 I think.  And it answered his question.  To this
day it still stuck to his mind.  Isn't that cool-- The Book of Mormon
does answer the questions of the soul.  We read with him the title
page of The  Book of Mormon.  It said to read, ponder, and pray.  He
said he has been Reading it and told us that " I should pray if the book
of mormon is true. " He figured it out all on his own.  I thought that was cool
for our investigator.  He will get baptized.

Another story I would like to share with you.  This was from the
Santa Gertudes ward 1st counselor in the bishopric.  The title is the
Lord knows where you need to go.
His son went to the MTC last week.  As he was at the MTC he met some
Couple missionaries and they were going on their 2nd mission.  They told
their story how they went on their first one.  Years ago this couple
wanted to go on a mission.  She didn't want to go some place cold.  They
put in their mission papers and they came back with a call to romania.  
She didn't like that so she sent it back.  It came back again Romania.  She was
frustrated and sent it back.  It came back the 3rd time Romania
mission.  She then accepted it and felt like that's where she needed to
go.  They went to Romania and had difficulty learning the language.  At
the time they volunteered to work at a prison.  They asked the
prisoners who can help us learn your language? There was a guy in the
back oh I can. He cames to the front and helps them.  It turns out this
guy that helps them is their son.  A couple years ago they thought their
son died on a plane crash and they never heard from him no email, phone
call or anything.  For the next 18month the couple missionaries was
working to free their son from prison that they thought he died.  They
Lord does know where you need to go and when.  I thought I wanted to
share that with you.  It was really good.
 Over all a good week 4th of July.  My new companion is Elder West from Washington and I will tell
you more about him next week.  I enjoyed it this week.
Those are my mission stories this week.  
Thanks I love you.
 Love ELder Bowles

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