Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday July 23, 2012: Hermana Bowles: We got the paper!!

Hola Padrecitos Mios:
NO I`m not really sure if it`s winter or summer.....all i know is that it`s always really hot.
You are probably opening this up at an hour when you thought you wouldn`t be getting an email from me today.   SURPRISE!  sorry about being late......but it`s for a really good reason!  We were with Mariela in the Municipalidad getting her birth certificate :)
"La ficha de no registro" (let`s call it "the paper" to simplify this tale) that Mariela needed got here on Saturday.   Boy have these papers been a hassle.   A family in the branch who has family in Iquitos has been such a big help!   How it all worked out is that they called an aunt and a boyfriend of the daughter, Edvin (who`s leaving on a mission in september).  Anyway, it all got worked out that Edvin (take a deep breath):
-took work off
-took a lancha (these huge boats that are used in the Amazon)
-went the three hour boat ride to Tamshiyacu
-went to the the municipalidad in Tamshiyacu
-got the paper we needed
-took a return boat home and arrived aound 9:30 at night
-gave the paper to the aunt
-aunt took the paper to the airport in Iquitos
-sent the paper via StarPeru (plane) to Tarapoto
-the family in the branch here took a moto from Morales to pick up the paper
-we used an hour of exercise the next morning here in Morales to go and pick up the paper
We laugh with Jack and Mariela that this paper is pretty famous because it travels by lancha and by plane.   hahahaha.   Anyway, I don`t even have time to explain the hassle we`ve had actually getting her registered with a birth certificate, but after a four hour wait today....IT HAPPENED!
-picked up Mariela
-went to the municipalidad with 2 testigos (witnesses)
-found out we had to go buy a folder and copy the ID cards
-came back
-"`re testigos have to be from Morales and not Lima."
-went and looked for testigos with ID cards that say Morales
-found a less-active Lizeth and recent-convert Gladys to help us
-waited 2.5 hours
-we have a birth certificate!
She officially has a birth certificate and tomorrow we`re going to register her identity to finish taking out the necessary paper work so that they can get married in August.  Hna. Vasquez and I are so so so so happy.
Feliz pioneer day....It`s neat to see the pioneers here , too.  I`d never thought of pioneers that way, but I guess in a way we can celebrate the pioneering peruvians. It`s really neat.
Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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