Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday July 2, 2012: Elder Bowles

Here I am in a "Trio" until transfers next wee--  Elder Halvorson, Elder West and Elder Bowles.
We went to the Los Angeles Temple.
 I had to get up at 4:00 in the morning but it was great!

Dear Mom and Dad,
Happy July 4th!!!  It's just too bad missionaries can't
light fireworks.  It must have caused some problems in the past.  But we can
watch the fireworks so that will be fun.  Yes thank you --I got your
package thank you!!!  I have my line of authority in my white
handbook and if anyone has any questions about my authority I will be
like well, I have it right here!  
It looks like you have a big day planned on July 4th.  That is so cool,
a fancy dinner-- that is a cool opportunity.  Yes I went to the temple
last week and it was really fun and wonderful that I get to go every 3 months.  
Transfers are next week on the10th so I'll let you know if I am getting transferred or not.
 It has been busy this week.  We did not teach a lot but we did teach Nicole, our
investigator.  We met with Nicole and talked with her about prophets.
Why it is important to have a prophet and why do we need one.  We read
that God is the same yesterday today and forever.  If God called
prophets back then, he would call them today.  It was a good lesson.  We
shared the example of Abinidi when he was brought forth up to the king.
Abinidi tells the king what he needs to do better and gives a
wonderful and powerful testimony.  The king tells his servants to
grab him.  What does Abinidi do?   He says "Touch me not for I have not
yet delivered my message."  If they touched Abinidi they would have
died.  Now that is a prophet of God.   We invited Nicole to be baptized but she
is struggling.  She is smoking again.  We told her to pray and ask for God's help-- he will help you.
 She wants to be baptized but she has to stop smoking, then I must see how strong her
testimony is before she gets baptized.

Zone conference was this week and t was really good.  It was a good
inspiring zone conference.  The first half they talked about how our
studies in the mornings were going.  Is it a sacred study?  How should we study?
What  should we study?  Why should we study?  It was really good.  There
was an Elder who is going home in 2 weeks and he gave a really great
training.  He talked about how we  serve our mission for 2 years and should come
back with no regrets.  He talked about 5 things that can make us a
better missionary so that we serve with no regrets.   All my notes are
at the apartment but it was really good.  
We will continue to work hard and hopefully have a better week when we
divide the two areas.  We will be able to teach more people.  Thanks  mom, a really good
week --temple and zone conference!!!!  
Thanks for the package.
Love Elder Bowles

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