Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday July 16, 2012: Elder Bowles--It was a busy week!

Dear Family:

This week we have been extremely busy.   From Tuesday till Saturday we have had appointments and it's been really good.  This week we visited a less active member that we did not know.  Well, I think she has the world's ugliest cat.  It is really ugly because it has no fur and they told us the cat is dying, it has a tumor on his kidney so they can't do anything about it.  It is a scary cat and really ugly.  It was interesting. 
We met with our investigator Nicole and we set a baptism date for with her for the 2nd week of August.  I am so happy and glad.  When we met with her she had not been reading The Book of Mormon, and she had been smoking.  I asked her how much she is smoking.  She said 5 cigarettes.  I told her that a couple months ago you were really close to baptism, what happened?   It is just this one thing smoking.  Yes she admitted it and I told her when you read The Book of Mormon you did not have an urge to smoke and you had no problem keeping the word of wisdom.  Nicole agreed and she realized that she must read from The Book of Mormon and get that testimony back so she can receive this wonderful great gift from our Father in Heaven.  She is so close and we are meeting with her tonight and will give her another powerful lesson.   The last lesson was really powerful and the spirit was so strong.  We will never give up she is right there at baptism.  That's not all --we met some less active members and are trying to help them come back to church.  
Church was really good!!  One of the speakers was a former bishop, former stake president and he is known in the city of Whittier.  We met with him later in the week and he told us he will be speaking at sacrament meeting.  He said after I am done there should be some more missionary work going on here.  Whoa his talk must be really good.  In the beginning of his talk he asked me and Elder West to stand up.  He said these are the two missionaries from the granada ward, these two missionaries want something extraordinary to happen in this ward, they want to help the Granada Ward.  Then we sat down.  He related in his talk a famous basketball player, who is the best high school player in the nation and he is LDS.  He related this talk in the Ensign about our heritage and how it links to the basketball player and to the missionaries.  He will be talking then he would say these two missionaries and so then he would say again these two missionaries and so on.  He mentioned us about 6 times in his talk then at the end he asked us to stand up again and said now these are the missionaries, work with them.  It was outstanding and he gave examples in his life about his friends and the missionaries.  He was a convert.  So it was really good.  I was blown away by his talk. 
We taught a lot of people and the spirit prompted me to set a baptismal date with Nicole which she accepted.
This morning I had a missionary opportunity.  We were doing laundry and I see this guy come in.  I have seen him before and he knows us.  He says to us washing your white shirts?  We said yes sir.  Then I said how are you sir and talked about how I enjoyed the fireworks.  I told him I am from Utah and we would get fireworks from Wyoming and bring them down and launch those fireworks.  It was a conversation going on in the laundry room.  Then he said you do this for two years?  I said yes sir and explained what we tell people about our message and that we share it with the world.  It was really cool.  He said he had Mormon friends and really likes them.  He said Mitt Romney is Mormon right?  I said yes sir.  It was really cool I got to share the gospel while doing my laundry.  I've never done that before.
  Well all is well this week I hope I will have that many experiences next week because we worked hard the previous week.  It was really good.  Everything is going well. 
Love Elder Bowles 

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