Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday July 23, 2012: Elder Bowles--Elder Ballard came to the mission!

Dear Mom and Dad:
No I am not doing anything for July 24th.  I don't think it is celebrated in California, only Utah.  But this week has been busy again and I enjoy being busy. B After all that time being busy then sometimes during the week it is wide open and you are like who do we need to visit?  That's when planning takes place.  Sometimes we will be planing till 10:00pm it is horrible.  This week we visited our investigator Nicole.   She is still smoking and had not read the Book of Mormon.  I don't know what her problem is.  She really wants to be baptized but she is smoking and has a hard time to quit.  We read a scripture with her from the bible in Matthew.  I forgot what chapter but it is when Jesus is walking on the beach and calls the fishermen and said come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.  They dropped their nets and followed Jesus.  So we told Nicole just drop your cigarettes and come follow the example of Jesus Christ.  It will be worth it.  Nicole has been taught everything so we will go by the spirit to see what Nicole needs at this time.  We will keep working with her.
Guess what-- We found a new family to teach!!!   They are a husband and wife they have two kids, one is about a year old and the other one is 5 or 6 years old.   I think 5.  They were contacted on the street and wanted to learn more about the message that we share.  So we taught them this week about the restoration, it was really cool.  They liked what we shared and we got a return set appointment and we are going to see them again this week. I am so happy.  And another thing that happened this week was that Elder Ballard came and spoke with us last Saturday.   I was like an apostle is coming!  This is my 3rd time seeing an apostle.  It is really cool.  Elder Ballard talked about how to be effective teachers.  When he started his talk he said All of you I see as the future leaders of this church, apostles, stake presidents, bishops, young men and women presidents, and all the leadership of this church.  I was like yikes that's us all the missionaries in this room. Elder Ballard talked about how to be good missionaries and how to be good teachers.  We need you to be good teachers and teach the gospel so it is easy to understand.  The gospel is simple.  It was really good. He said that is my message that I had to come share.  After that all the missionaries got to shake Elder Ballard's hand.  It was really cool. I was like, do you remember me from the banquet I served at BYU? I didn't really know. aaa well.
Lot's of things happened this week.  My spiritual experience is yesterday.  The sister missionaries had 2 baptisms.  One on Saturday and one on Sunday.  The Sunday one is the spiritual experience one. It is called "always bear your testimony."  It was a really good baptism service.  In the beginning there were some songs sung, a talk on baptism and the person was being baptized.  While we were waiting for him to come out the person who was conducting the baptism said now the time is yours to bear your testimony. A Couple people got up and bore their testimony.  The person who presided at the baptism knows me and I know him very well.  His family goes to mys ward and he goes to the singles ward.  When people were bearing their testimony he looked at me, I was like me? Then I looked behind me and no one else was there so I was like me? And he nods his head.  He was like go up, I was like later, I read his lips as he said this it is "now or never"then the person who was baptized just came into the room.  The guy who was in charge get's up and said before we will have a talk on the Holy Ghost there is an Elder who would like to share his testimony.  He did not mention my name but I knew he was talking about me.  I gave my testimony to that individual about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was really good.  It taught me a valuable lesson that we should always share a testimony.   I know the church is true and that is my testimony.
Love Elder Bowles

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