Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday July 9, 2012: Hermana Bowles--Miracles can happen!

Hola Familia!
Hope fourth of july was wonderful.  I`m so happy Bruce and Natalie and their family are safe.  The picture alone that you sent scared me.
Pte. Blunck came for interviews this week.  It`s always wonderful to be around him and his wife. 
Little week of miracles…..when I first got here, there was the family hna. Vasquez and hna. Arias were teaching-- Hno. Jack and Hna. Mariela with her sister Hna. Mariela who lived down by the river.  They are all from Iquitos and Hno. Jack is a member.  Hna. Mariela and her sister wanted to be baptized but we were waiting on problems with papers in Iquitos so they can get married.  The week I got here we lost them, or rather, they disappeared.  Their gas was stolen and went to a brother`s house in Tarapoto to cook.  They ended up moving houses and everything to somewhere safer, but hno. Jack`s cell phone broke and we had no way to contact them.  We went to their house time and time again, but they literally had just disappeared.  Hna. Vasquez is so good and when we decided to stop looking for them she said, “Have a little faith, Hna. Bowles.  I know we`re going to find them.  The Lord`s just proving our patience.”  We set their registro aside, so so so sad when we found their old house empty of everything. 
Flash forward to Friday morning when we went to an appointment and the woman wasn`t home.  It seemed like EVERYTHING had gone wrong that morning.  waiting for clean checks....missing appointments....the heat.....We stuck a note under the door saying we had come by and were going over Plan B in the trusty Agenda when Hna. Vasquez gasped a giant, “no!”  I looked up, extremely startled, and thinking we were being assaulted or something, when to my amazement Hna. Jack was walking down the street in his typical yellow polo and shorts.  He had a backpack slung over one shoulder and a huge smile spread from ear to ear.  suddently everything that had gone wrong I knew was for the reason of finding jack and mariela and marili.  WE FOUND THEM!!!!  He took us down the street to their new house and a smiling Mariela and Marili.  This family is so so so so humble, and immediately shared their lunch with us….even the chicken which they had.  I was so overwhelmed by their gratitude. Hna. Vasquez started crying and we still can`t believe that we found them.  They came to church with their three boys yesterdayJ  We read in Eter with them about how there are no miracles until after the trial of our faith.  I know this is true.
Two couples in the branch were married this week.  Such a happy day.  One couple was married in the morning so the husband could be baptized that night (investigators of hna. Grow and melo).  They were so happy!  The other couple was married that night and are being sealed in the Lima temple this morning (branch counselor).  “And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness.” 2 Nefi 5:27
Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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