Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011: Hermana Bowles

¡Hola Padres!

Our zone had interviews with President Blunck Wednesday in Tarapoto (2 hours away).  He said the plan is to leave me in Moyobamaba for awhile and to not plan on transferring any time soon.  We have a massive project with reactivation and missionary work and the members have to get accustomed to the missionaries.  I told him that´s fine with me :)  My district leader has been here almost nine months and Hermana Linares has been here almost five, so I think it`s safe to say that I might be here until at least March?......vamos a ver.

Recipe requests:
-no bake cookies
-magic cookie bars

This whole cooking thing has me laughing because we all know what a disaster I am in the kitchen.  I forget ingredients, burn dishes, lack complete cooking common sense.  The Rama of Belen should be scared to have me teach anything because the measurements are in kilos in grams and the oven is in celsius.  Hermana Nuñez taught coconut cookies this last week (her mom is a chef) and they were really yummy....but this was the recipe she wrote on the board........exactly:

-mix and place in the oven at "bien caliente" for about 15 minutes. 

What exactly is bien caliente?!?!?!  I asked her quantities and temperature and she said "well it depends for how many?"  "What about a group of 10"  "I don´t know, mix until there´s enough!"  Oh boy...........she mixed it all with her hands.  The whole cooking thing is so funny here.  The kitchen and I weren´t exactly friends before the mission and definitely aren´t in Peru where I couldn´t even figure out how to turn on the oven (it was propane and needed to be lit).

Love always,

Hola Familia!

Wow.....Moyobamba is absolutely amazingly beautiful.  It was so so hot this week and didn´t rain at all.  At night I just lay on top of one sheet on top of my mattress underneath my mosquitoe net with my arms and legs completely apart.  If skin touches skin I start sweating so I just lay there and breathe in hot stuffy air until I eventually fall asleep.  My mosquitoe net reminds me of those mesh over the bed things that little girls have to feel like a princess....

President Blunck had Hermana Nuñez and I start on revamping the  rama directory.  The problem is that there are enough people to make a ward here, but absolutely no organization.  The directory prints off at 30 pages.  Families appear separately because the addresses are written differently or completely wrong.  Basically....we have to visit every household and find out who lives there member-wise and write out tarjetas to fix everything and re input correctly.  We want a barrio here so bad!!!  The only problem is that half the houses don´t have numbers and many people don´t have telephones.  It mkes things a little difficult, but piece by piece we´re getting closer to a ward.  We need lots more priesthood, too.

Families are so important!  Families with the PRIESTHOOD are so important.  We´re working with so many families.  enith said yes to baptism and familia chavez came to churhc on their own!

There are three rules in the jungle:
1. wear repellant
2. eat any and everything on your plate (if you don’t, it offends the poor members and sets back the work.  Sometimes you don´t know what your eating or its so much that your stomach wants to explode....but you just plug and chug)
3. 1 bag of luggage....23 kilos.  (por ejemplo:  my bag weighed 6 kilos to start which left me with 17 kilos of shampoo, clothes, whatever.  The other bag is held in the mission office in lima)

love always,
Hermana Bowles

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