Monday, October 3, 2011

El Templo en Provo!! Monday October 3, 2011

Hola Familia!

Conference was awesome.....and in English!!! Temples announced in both Columbia and for both me and Hermana Nu She's really happy that this one is so much closer to her house. Now it will only be a one hour drive versus a four hour drive. The tabernacle temple will be so beautiful. It's so amazing that there's now a city in the world with two temples! I've never felt so peaceful during conference before. The music was especially beautiful, too. So many of the arrangements chosen were discursos in themselves I thought of Dad, his mountain of cds, and his weekly Mormon Tabernacle Choir the entire time. It's funny that one of the talks mentioned the main plaza and Peru because we just visited there for PDay on Monday. awesome.

This week was cool because I had such distinct promptings on what scriptures to share in lessons and how to teach. When Hermana Nu couldn't talk on Tuesday, I was so so worried. How were our lessons going to work if one companion couldn't talk because she was sick and the other was lost in a gringo blackhole. We were teaching the plan of salvation to Carlos and I had the distinct impression to share a certain scripture. I passed it off that it was just me being overly anxious about neither of us being unable to talk. The whole lesson Moses 1.39 flashed across my mind until at the end, Hermana Nu was able to talk more and shared Moses 1.39!!! I got chills all over because things like this had happened the entire week. We were talking about it after and she explained how when one companion doesn't listen and act, the other gets the same prompting. I'm so excited I am finally recognizing the spirit with SPECIFIC promptings. Before it's been oh that was a nice feeling, but now more than ever I know that he tells us specifically how to act. Such a spiritually cool week.

However, if I see one more man peeing on the side of a wall this week, I'm going to scream. Go inside and use a bathroom!! The world is NOT your bathroom.

I really started to love the people we're teaching this week, especially the families. I loved Elder Oaks theme of what think ye of christ because that's the key to the gospel. Elda is still having a lot of health problems and issues with her two sons, but she's so much more receptive in lessons now. Carlos is progressing, too. He really really wants to change.

Wow....Hermana Nu and I just found out that we're going to the selva this change!!! AAAHH!!!!

Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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