Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday October 10, 2011: Letter to Grandma Dew--Hermana Bowles

Hola abuelita....

The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my all-time favorite books!! The newest movie of it is pretty good, too. The movie skips a lot of parts in the book, but I like the ending better. Wow I love that book!! What´s neat is I feel that way about the scriptures now. In the morning I can´t wait to start reading and I don´t want to stop when the time´s up. AWESOME. We´re reading the BOM all the way through with our menos activos (less actives) and it´s the best way to strengthen favorite scripture is in Alma (forgot the reference) where it says those who read the scriptures can´t help but believe in Christ

Good news....i got both of your packages last week! Thank you thank you than you. I loved the fruit and especially the peanut butter :) More hand sanitizer is good news, too. Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Since you asked for suggestions on the next package, i wouldn´t mind at all if it was entirely bug spray....the good "off" kind or "deep woods". Anything that´s a really good american brand with 30% to 40% deet. I am determined not to get denue here and am absolutely religious about applying bug spray here.

My Spanish is....coming. It´s a really good sign that now when I try to speak English, I can´t. AWESOME. One of the sister missionaries here from Peru speaks a lot of English and when she wants to practice, it´s so hard for me because i keep reverting to my gringo phrases. I´m actually annoyed with my Spanish because I´m aware of how bad it is grammatically and pronunciation-wise.  I´m most frustrated with my minimal vocabulary...outside of my set verbs I can´t descibe anything.  I can talk with people about baptism, the plan of salvation, faith, family history, and the restoration. the end . Maybe one day I´ll be able to contribute to other conversations and actually make sense.....but I LOVE that I´m in this blackhole.   It was amazing to see the newbie elders enter the field this week and they all ask, "how did you learn to talk?".....hahaha.   I feel so old having one complete change under my belt.

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