Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday October 10, 2011: Beinvenidos a la selva--Hermana Bowles

Hola Familia!

Transfers came and Hermana Nu and I were sent as a companionship to beautiful Moyobamba! Left Lima on an afternoon flight Tuesday and 40 minutes later arrived in the Tarapoto airport. Stepped off the plane and was blasted with humidity and heat. Took a taxi two hours away to Moyobamba and here we are. President Blunck assigned Hermana Nu and I to the Rama Belen (Belen Branch). There are two companionships in each of the two branches here. The elders focus on regular missionary work, and the hermanas are specifically here to strengthen the branches and reactivate. In the rama Belen, about 80 of the 600 members attend church. PROBLEMA. Entonces, estamos aqui para ayudarles (Therefore we are here to help them). Hermana Nu and I are opening an area. We're the first ones in our apartment and it's quite nice. A little salamander friend decided to be with me in the shower last night. We shower twice a day because we sweat so much and apply so many cremas between the bloqueador y repelante (sun block and insect repellent).

The members who are strong in the ward are wonderful because they are so supportive of la obra misional (missionary work). Hermana Blanca accompanies us and acts as our little tour guide. She even has her own branch missionary tag that she pins on. Without her....we are completely lost.....L. O. S. T. Take Saturday mornng or example. Tried to find a house in Jr. Callao 907. Spent one hour winding our way up to te right street and the other looking for a cuadro that doesn't exist...only to find out at lunch that the man had moved to Trujillo. AAAHH!!!! The best sign is that we've already seen the fruits of our labors. Almost all of the menos activos (less active) we visited during the week came to church on Sunday! Just goes to show that there are so many people ready to come back if only invited.

Couldn't send pictures but I'll try to describe Moyobamba: imagine Paradise. It's a mix of the jungle cruise and indiana jones ride at disney land. beautiful. It looks just like the rainforest pictures I saw in books in third grade. It rains at least once a day.....big strong rain. You can hear the storm coming when it�'s in the jungle before it hits the city. The sun is bright and wakes us up at 6 in the morning. Moyobamba is so refreshing and I never want to leave. Time to have a ward here!!

Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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