Monday, October 3, 2011

Letter from Kristin; Monday October 3, 2011


Wow, I´ll be glad when life gets back to normal after cambios.  It´s been kind of crazy with five girls in our apartment. Here is a summary of this bizarre week.
MONDAY. Went to the center of Lima and I saw the first nonperuvians in a long time.

TUESDAY. Hermana Nuñez had swollen tonsils so bad that she was spitting yellow saliva and literally could not talk....yeah, bad news. Things worked out....if I´m trying to be positive, we´ll say I grew from the experience of having to talk for her.
WEDNESDAY. Woke up puking.....threw up some more.....threw up some more. five, six times throughout the entire day and spent the whole day with diarrhea in the bathroom. We tried to teach a family in the morning and had to come back to the house after because I had to throw up. I stayed with Hermana Wilma for the day and Nuñez went out with a member.
THURSDAY. Woke up still feeling disgusting and was put on Donofan by Hermana Blunck. I love medicine. Stomach calmed down. Had our ward talent show....which bombed. Like usual, no one showed up for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Picked up the hermanas!!!!  They had issues with their flights, but by 10:30 that night, everyone was finally in our house.
FRIDAY. went to the bank. We always have to take off our tags when we go. Pulled out the usual money for the month, so no hints about cambios there.
SATURDAY. Temples in Columbia and Provo! Hermana Nuñez and I are thrilled :)
SUNDAY. Came home from conference to find a bird stuck in our house. Had a cake for Hermano Max’s cumpleanos.
MONDAY. The Hermanas are leaving today. It was weird having all phases of the mission in the same house. I tried to imagine going back home and couldn´t. Weird to think how fast it goes.  As humdrum as some of this letter might sound, the week really wasn´t that bad. I´m excited because I had awesome experiences with the spirit and can see myself growing as a teacher.  Have to admit that I´m jealous of Garrett´s car, or any car in general. He sounds like he´s in heaven.
I´m craving three things right now. The feeling of grass on my feet, carpet, and a toilet seat.

love. love. love.

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