Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday October 10, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad

Me and Elder Wade did service this week to a Less active person in the ward. The wife just joined the church in January and since she joined her husband has been less active ever since and did not want to talk to missionaries at all. He does not want to do anything with the church at all. We stopped by to talk to his wife and see how she is doing and to my surprise he was in there during the lesson with his wife. It has been 5 months and I've never seen him or he has never sat down with the missionaries. It was a shock to me. Before we left their house we asked is there any service that we can do for you or is there any help that you need around the house. The husband said can you come back on Wednesday and help us lift some heavy boxes and shelves and take them out in the backyard. They can't lift heavy things but we can. They were getting new carpet that week. So me and Elder Wade go over there and lift boxes and took stuff out of the house. We did a lot, we did like half of the house. The next day or two we helped put it back in their house. So it's a huge success because missionaries have never done that before or have never done service for that family. Our Ward missionary leader was Surprised. So me and Elder Wade have accomplished a huge task this week that missionaries before could not do. That 's the big gest thing we did. We did a lot of service for the members. We are trying to earn the ward 's trust back towards the missionaries.

As far as teaching goes this week not good. We taught people but we wanted to teach more people --they just have not been home at all this week. A very bad week. But next week we will work harder and find new investigators to teach. We will accomplish the task to find new investigators. Thank you for supporting me.

Love Elder Bowles-- I love all of you.

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