Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elder Bowles--Tuesday October 4, 2011

Dear diary

Hopefully before I leave today I can send you the pictures. I have 2 memory cards now the full one is at the apartment and the one that I have right now has about 30 pictures.

I went to the temple this morning and it was raining. It was really nice to feel the rain coming down. I have not felt rain for a long time. It was nice. After the session of the temple I walked out side and saw other missionaries. Do you remember when Kristin met an Elder Bowles at the MTC. Well I also met another Elder Bowles At the Temple. It was so weird and I said did you meet a sister bowles at the MTC? He was in the same time as kristin. He did not see her but it was so cool I thought I would never see an Elder Bowles-- Interesting.

I watched all of General conference this week and it was wonderful. My favorite one was Elder Holland in the priesthood session the first thing he said-- Gentleman I want to tell you two things. One, Satan is real and two, we are at war. We must be prepared!! We need more young men to prepare themselves to go one missions. We need missionaries. It was so good I was focusing on that talk the entire time. It was good. Now I also can't wait to read them.

This whole week I have been struggling to speak. Well I can speak but I'm noticing that I am stuttering to everyone members, nonmembers everyone. If I meet someone I will go like this. we we we we are missionaries from the church. I have to repeat one single word like 3 times before I can complete that sentence. It so frustrating. I have been practicing to speak more slowly. I don't know what is going one. I can speak fine with my companion it's just others I can't . I don't know why. I have been praying to heavenly father asking me to speak more smoothly. Maybe it's just a missionary trial.

After conference a recent convert texted us that this family needs help moving. So we go over there to help them move into their new area. When we got back to the apartment at 9:00pm our Zone leader tex ted us and gave us a referral from other missionaries to give to us. That referral was those people we helped move. And it also turns out they are a part member family. The wife and kids are members and are active in going to church and the husband is not a member but he is really nice and supports his wife really well. So a sweet contact for the week. Hopefully we can talk to them soon.  

Thank you mom for getting that implant worked our thank you. My hearing aid is really good it is just like brand new. So everything is really well. Elder Wade is getting used to the area ha ha and our investigator phil is having a hard time with smoking. He is trying to quit but he can't. He has been smoking for 25 years and it is hard for him to quit. We are working with him and we are still giving him encouragement to stop smoking. Little by little. But a good week and General conference is amazing. and the car is still AMAZING!!! When I get back home I have to get used to the old car.

Thank you and I love you mom and dad

Love Elder Bowles

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