Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday October 24, 2011: Hermana Bowles--Another beautiful week in Moyobamba

!Hola Familia!
Another beautiful week in Moyobamba!  Passed the four month mark this week and Hna. Nuñez and I "celebrated" by going on "divisiones" (splits?  wow I can´t think of the word) for the first time.  I went with Hna. Blanca and she went with Hna. Lovera.  We´re so lucky to have lots of women in the ward who will accompany us.  The Elders have a hard time with the priesthood and when they ask Hna. Blanca she tells them she´s busy with us. hahahaha.  Anyway, we split up after lunch on Saturday.  After the first visit when I flubbered all over my Spanish, Hna. Blanca started every introduction after with "Ella es un misionera de la rama Belen.  Ella es de Estados Unidos y pobrecita no puede hablar.  Necesitamos ayudarle."  In other words--this is one of the missionaries from our branch and poor thing, she´s from the United States and can´t talk.  Feel free to correct her.  Hey...if correcting my Spanish gets people to church than so be it!  We needed to do divisiones mainly to meet more people.  We have citas with all of the less-actives we know so far and needed to meet more people.  We´ve made progress on the rama directorio, too.  A lot of families are separated by address. 
Sunday, the chapel was practically full for the second week in a row!  Half of it was less-actives that we visit :)  Working with less-actives is different because it´s reactivation.  I still have a lot to learn with learning how to fellowship people.  There are a bazillion reasons that people stopped attending
Rama Belen is practicing for their primary program and I am the pianist.  Sunday we practiced all the third hour with them and it was really fun to hear so many familiar songs in Spanish.  Sometimes I get really confused because the words tweak the rythm just a tiny bit different in Spanish and the primary kids and I get lost together.  The program is November 13th. 
Enith is so excited for her baptism this Saturday.  Had a service project at her house this week to fix her roof.  She called her son after, though,and he came and did it.  The Elders Quorum put up the walls.  Basically---"un techito" turned into an entire house.  She is so so so excited.
Scripture of the week  2 cor 56-7
Love you all lots.
H.  Bowles

Dearest padres:
Pictures at last!  Last P-day the hermanas went to a place down by the river Mayo with a couple from the Rama Moyobamba.  I think it´s called Tahuisco?  Nuncamente.  These pictures make me seem like I´m really living in the jungle....haha.  Moyo is actually a "jackson hole" kind of town surrounded by jungle.  You have to go outside the city limits and concrete streets to see what´s in the pictures.  Iquitos is really in the jungle (an island in the amazon) but Hermana Nuñez was one of the last hermanas there and now there are only elders, so the chances of my being transferred there are really slim.....anyway....i´m just enjoying Moyo. 
Thank you thank you thank you for the recipes.  Coooking with the relief society is every Thursday night, but they always cancel it unless WE the hermanas are teaching.  All the women are really excited to learn new foods and it´s a way to have more unity in the branch.
Okay our house.  Hermana Nuñez and I live across from a small park and kindercolegio on the second floor of a mustard colored house.  The house is quite pituco.  If I moved to moyo i would live here.  It has three rooms, bathroom, kitchen, and balcony out back with a sink for laundry!  Cleaning it and putting up pictures made quite the difference.  Opèning an area, we are the first ones to live here.  We love our "dulce hogar."
As far as water goes, we pay 4 soles a week for a new "tub" of purified water.  We have unpurified in the sinks and shower, but purified in this tub that we use to drink out of and brush our teeth.  I haven´t had to use my filter that we bought because there´s a pure water service.  One of the best things about our house in Moyo is that it has water at whatever hour of the day!  In lima, we only had water from about 6 in the morning until 3ish in the afternoon.  Here we can do whatever whenever with the water because it´s always on!
Thanks for your great ideas.  We´re having a "noche de dulces" (Halloween is a bad word here) this Saturday complete with a cake walk and concentration and musical chairs.  Should be pretty fun.  I´m kind of stressed out about Saturday, though, because we have the baptism and activity back to back.  Oh well...the time issue will work out because this is Peru!
You should be happy to know that I´m the proud new owner of a "Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS".  Bought it in black and am in heaven.  It was even on sale!!!  HAha...we had to use Hna. Nuñez´s DNI number to buy it because my passport and Peruvian ID are in Lima.  Good thing Columbian and Peruvian documents are practically the same.
Love you lots,

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