Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday October 24, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,

A crazy week!!  First the Implant. It was good, she adjusted the mapping and it only took 
an hour.  Elder Dunway from Orem High School and his companion took me.  We went outside 
of our mission and headed down to Downtown LA.  It was so cool.  It was so weird--- I am 
getting my Implant mapped on my mission.  I met the audiologist and she asked how I came 
to California.   We started to talk about the church a little and talked about how I came 
here so it was cool.  I think she was very impressed with my hearing so she just made 
little adjustments.  I think they made a difference.  Cache the audiologist in Utah is 
the Best!!!!  He really knows what is best for the person.  I can feel some difference.  
so it's all good but it was so cool. 
This whole week me and Elder Wade are visiting a lot of Less Actives and found out why 
they are less active.  There are some dumb reasons why they are less active!!!  I will 
give you some examples.   One, a member in the past offended them and they won't return 
back to church and the other is that she has a hard time returning back to church because 
she has a hard time accepting that blacks did not have the Priesthood back then.  There 
is another reasons why they are not active in the church.  The reason is that they have 
not read the Book Of Mormon.  When people don't read the book of Mormon they will go less 
active.  The Book of Mormon provides spiritual strength and power.  The Book of Mormon 
answers questions of the soul.  I invite them to continue reading the Book of Mormon. 
We can apply the book of Mormon in our lives and we can feel the blessings that we recieve from reading the Book Of Mormon.  It can cure the heart and soul and that is how much power of the Book of Mormon.  If someone does not read it they will become less active in the church and they will fail to recieve the blessings from it.  Continue reading they Book Of Mormon.    That's what I learned this week.  Teaching appointments were slow but me and Elder Wade continue working hard so we can get a baptism together.

love you thank you. Love Elder Bowles

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