Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday October 31, 2011: Hermana Bowles--Happy Halloween

Happy Halloweeen Familia!

Enjoy your trick-or-treating and costumes.  Was trick-or-treating Saturday night or tonight?  Don´t really know because it´s not celebrated here. 

Enith´s baptism was Saturday and it´s so exciting that now there´s now another family in the branch.  SHe had to be baptized twice because her leg came up the first time, but at least the water was warm right? :)  People of the selva are so different than Lima.  There were actually members in attendance at her baptism!  The room was full and hopefully she felt their support.  After the baptism we had the noche misional "noche de dulces."  (Halloween is kind of taboo here so we had to disguise the name)  The activity was such a success and over fifty people came!  The capilla had just as many, if not more people, who come on Sunday.  Hopefully we can keep that kind of animo in the branch and work with them as a team.  We played concentration complete with orange and negro papeles with gospel pictures and words. We also had a cakewalk.  Both games were a hit because nobody had ever played them before.  I had to laugh during the cake walk because it was hard to keep people walking.  Borrowed music from one of the other Hermanas and when it blasted on it was the mormon tabernacle choir singing "the Spirit of God."  haha....only at a church activity do you play cake walk with the mormon tabernacle choir.

We have two other families that we´re teaching, the only problem is they´re not married.  Marriages are so complicated here with all of the papers, and even moreso because one of the women is from Bolivia.  The good news, though, is that both of couples want to get married.  It´s a whole family that lives together with the parents, and their two sons who are members (las mujeres de sus hijos no son miembros).  They come to activities and came to church this week!   yay yay yay yay.  It´s so exciting to see.  The longer I´m here, the more I realize how important families are.  You can literally see the transformation between families before and after baptism and it´s amazing how much the Lord blesses people!

Still working with lots of less-actives.  I feel like getting people to come to church is like pulling teeth.  I´ve gained such a testimony that this is a gospel of action.The small and simple things are so important and never change.  The majority of our conversations with less-actives are about the book of mormon and prayer.  Two little things that if people put effort in will feel the truthfulness of the gospel.

Visited some waterfalls last week for P-Day with the Tarapoto zone and it was so beautiful!  The jungle opened into a beautiful field to play soccer for awhile before going down to the cataratas.  there were 8 hermanas together!! hahahaha.

ATe an ant and had my first fuane.....rice and chicken cooked in a giant leaf.

This is the Lord´s work

Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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