Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,

A long fast week. Aaaaahhhhhh you got to go to Jackson Hole without me. You got to see all those wildlife. I can't believe Tre is back from his mission. 10 1/2 months to be in one area is a long time. A long time. 4 months is enough for me to be in an area. Can you talk to Brother Mulliner and ask him if he has any names or anybody he remembers from his mission that I should go teach. I might go to the same area as Brother Mulliner did.   Ask him if he has any names that I should find and I will go by them.

I don't know where I will get transferred I will find out this Saturday night. Every transfer is 6 Weeks you either stay or go. I will find out this saturday and will let you know. Craig is coming in, maybe I will get to see him. I am so excited. If he is not in my district then I will see him at zone conference. Here I come Craig ha ha ha.

Looks like Sister Bowles got her first experience knocking on doors ha ha. It's scary at first but by the time you knock at your 200 door it will get easier. Then soon she will speak Spanish.   Peru sounds crazy and close to getting some car crashes. There probably have been some car crashes.

This week Me and Elder Sturdevant met this one guy at his house. We taught this one guy, his name is Ted. He is from taiwan and moved to America in the 1950's and he has lived here ever since. We were teaching him about God and out of the middle of nowhere he says do you guys get paid for doing this? We said no we do this for two years and don't get paid. We continued teaching and he tells us again are you sure you Elders don't get paid? We told him before the mission we saved this much amount of money then we are called to where ever we go and do this for two years. We don't gain a cent out of this mission. He was shocked and could not believe it. We are teaching him on Tuesday and hopefully can teach him more. He is really nice and is open. I am praying that he will accept what we are teaching him. That was the experience this week and more to come. Have a wonderful day.

Love Elder Bowles

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