Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pictures from Lima: August 10, 2011--Hermana Bowles

The Hermanas BBB with their Latin companions. in front of the Lima Temple.  Kristin's comp is on the far left.  These sisters just left the CCM for their missions last week.  Now they have new companions for the last 3 weeks.  They get to go to the temple every Wednesday on P-Day.

Posing in front of the Lima MTC which is called the CCM. 

Wow, hermanas!  Enjoying a little "helado" on P-Day.  Hermana Bowles, Hermana Brown and Hermana Bell.  They have been together since Provo and have just 2 weeks left before saying good-bye.

This is the group that traveled from the Provo MTC to Lima 7 weeks ago.  On their 1/2 way mark in Lima they were surprised to get to take a bus tour around Lima.  Here they are by the coast.
Another one of the stops on the tour of Lima.  Hermanas BBB again.

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