Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 7 August 10, 2011: Hermana Bowles

Hola Familia!!!
Wow. Time is flying by. The newbies came in and we are officially avanzados. It's sad, though, because the newbies all got here and the Whettens left. President Whetten has to have heart surgery in the states and won't be back for a couple more days. We're all praying for his health. I really hope he's okay.  

Last Wednesday was cool because we got to take a bus tour of Lima. All 24 of us loaded in the safe tour bus (not a tiny scary car) and drove around Lima. Saw the coast, went downtown and got a churro and Peru bags and jerseys. The funny thing was that our bus broke down. We'd just left the beach and were driving up the hill to go downtown when this big bang noise exploded and we stopped moving. Oops. The northamericans broke the bus. I think we stopped at the most inconvenient place possible--up a hill, on a corner, with 24 gringos inside. While we're sitting there, one of the cars going around us had a tire pop off. It just rolled away! I don' t even know how that happens. The tour guide had one of the bigger elders get off and shove rocks behind the tires. Had to get off the bus and wait for a new one. The police finally showed up and started diverting traffic around us. Then....the elders had to push the bus to move the rocks back out from behind the tires. It was so hysterical to see 20 gringos pushing this tour bus up a hill in Peru. The Elders went crazy at the hamburger place downtown and all stood in line for a burger and fries. Luckily, we had burgers that night for dinner in the cafeteria so I didn't feel deprived. Have you ever put fries on your burger? It went bun, meat, baloney, cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup, bun. cold. mmmmmmmm.  

Got new companions, but it's a different program so we're not together all the time now. My companion is Hermana Vera from Trujillo and she is 22. Hallelujah for having a companion my age. The Latino group that just came in is a lot younger. Hermana BBB companions all love learning English. Mealtime turns into a round of who can teach the funniest English phrase to the Latinos. This last week I taught Hermana Vera Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Congratulations, Silly Rabbits Tricks are for kids, and Only you can prevent forest fires. Hermana Bell's companion, Hermana Sandoval from Columbia, did a hysterical imitation of different accents of Spanish-speaking countries. We decided that Mexicans sound like the valley-girl of Spanish. I was laughing so hard I started crying as she imitated Peru, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Gringo. She is miss sassy, that's for sure. One of the coolest experiences for me was the first day the newbies got here. A bunch of the new elders are all piano majors and have taken over the piano. We were walking down the hall and all of the sudden this classical music starts coming from the chapel. Peeked around the corner and it was a Latino! I love that music can speak to everyone and you have no idea of the nationality of the person playing. You really can communicate things musically that can't happen any other way. Okay, maybe that wasn't an awesome moment for anyone else, but it was really cool for me.

Love your little rice ball, Hermana Bowles

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