Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011: Hot dogs for breakfast? Hermana Bowles

Hola Familia!

Sorry...i still haven't figured this keyboard out (especially the enter button) and so this letter looks like one big paragraph of chaos. I'm so glad that Jerin's mom is sending you her emails! She sent me a bunch of them over Dearelder in Provo and I literally laughed out loud during some of them because some of her funny experiences sounded just like her. Never fear--i am taking LOTS of pictures. Sending them on the computer is another issue because I forgot my cord to connect the camera to the computer and haven't timed it right with borrowing someone else's yet. Haha...I haven't had any dreams in Spanish yet. I actually haven't had any dreams lately...I sleep like a rock.

PE for Hermanas is kind of lame. The few times we can get enough elders to play handball then we play that (it's basically ultimate frisbee with a soccer ball). Otherwise we run around and around and around the tiny little field in the compound....boring. I've done a lot of crunches and lunges,too. We make it work.

No..haven't gotten used to the food yet. I thought it was funny that this morning the breakfast was a hotdog in a roll-bun thing and fake coffee. All of the Latinos are gone and we're waiting for the new missionaries, so they must've figured that was an appropriate breakfast to serve all the kids from the United states or something. I just had the watery yogurt and frosted usual. Hermana Pereyra left yesterday at 5:40 for Arequipa. It's kind of ironic, but my new companion that I meet by tomorrow is FROM arequipa. New Districts, new companion, the peru CCM is going to be filled to capacity with the new groups coming in..148. Weird.

WOW---proselyting went so much better last Saturday. Decided to fast because I did not want to have a horrible experience again. Wow, a little trust in Heavenly Father goes a long way. We actually got to go knock doors in Lima North!!!!! I got to see a tiny part of my potential area and it was great. We were really close to the mountains and they looked like they were covered in soft green carpet. I was a little terrified after they handed us our map, gospel pamphlets, book of mormon to give a way and said buenos suerte. Hermana Pereyra and I knocked on one door and talked to this ten-year old girl for a while. Left her house for the next, and these little kids were outside. We asked them where there parents were and they ran across the street and in between these other houses. We looked at each other and just followed them. The path wrapped up through the houses around to the right where they scurried into one house. We called and called in the open door, but no one was paying attention to us. Decided to go to the next house up to the right. We met a lady doing laundry in her backyard. She offered us her wrist to shake hands, because her hands were still dirty. So nice. Anyway, gave our little doorway spiel and SHE LET US IN!!!!! I want to give a big scream I was so happy. There are actually people out there who will listen to us!! It was just her, Ana Reyes, her husband, and her 17 year old son were at the top of this house-infested mountain in Peru where you could look out over the entire city. Taught her about the plan of salvation, and she was so interested. Read a bunch about of the BOM, she was flabbergasted that she could keep it for free and asked to keep the pamphlet so she could read it to her son later! Gave her a reading assignment, sang I am a child of God, taught her to pray. The missionaries were supposed to go back and visit her on Tuesday and I hope they did because she was so excited to learn!!!!

Music here is an interesting thing. I think the entire country is tone deaf, except for our teacher, Hermano Romero, who has the most beautiful tenor voice ever. I literally sometimes can't play the piano when they're singing because I feel like I'm playing a different song they're so off. Oh why why why......

Oh---please send US stamps! I can't send any more letters because I have no stamps....triste. I'm sending a couple letters to our house for you to forward to other people.

Love always, Hermana Bowles

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