Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011--A Good Week: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,

It's my 7th month mark since I entered the MTC. IT went by so fast and it's been crazy. Me and Elder Sturdevant found out what will be happening to us. We are both staying for another 6 weeks. It will be my 3rd transfer in this area. I have been in the same zone for 7 months and when we have district meeting I will be the longest person who has been in the zone. Yes, go Elder Bowles.

Elder Sheanshang will come tomorrow and I hope he will come to my zone that way I will see him every Thursday and Monday. It is so exciting. I hope that pain in your leg will go away and they find out what is causing the problem. I hope that pain can stop. I will pray for you.

Our investigator Phil is going good. We told him about tithing. He does not have enough money to even do tithing. He has to pay for all the medicine he takes, lots of money for that, pay the doctors, he has to pay for the room he lives in. He has no money to do tithing. So we are trying to work that out.

A person told us in the ward that there is a couple who have not been sealed in the temple. They are married as a couple but not sealed in the temple. Last night we stopped by to see this family who are active members of the church, both of them returned missionaries. They go to the temple often as a couple, got their endowments, performed sealings for the dead but they are not sealed as a couple in the temple. I just could not believed it. Somehow we got on the topic about temples and we asked what temple did you get sealed in. Long pause and they told us they are not sealed in the temple. They just want to take it slowly. The wife is ready to be sealed but the husband wants to wait until he feels that he is ready. I just wanted to say if you love your wife so much you get married in the temple. I was so tempted to say if you are not sealed by that covenant you make with your Heavenly Father you cannot receive the glory of exaltation. And I wanted to say if one of you die that is the end of your marriage and you won't be together forever unless you do the ordinances by being sealed now. I was in shock. I will do everything in my power to get them sealed. They've got to wake up. There is another family who is not sealed in the temple but active members in the church. Me and Elder Sturdevant will work with them. I'll tell you more next week. Any suggestions?

Love Elder Bowles 
Dear Grandma:

I have been on my mission for 7 months. Yes 7 months. I started my mission on Feb 2 and now it's Aug 8th. In California sometimes it's very cloudy in the morning, and you think it's going to rain. No it will never rain. Just sun all day long. And can get 85 degrees by 11:00-- Crazy! A birthday on my mission, I am going to make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It's going to taste so good.

You have been waiting all week if I am staying or going to a new area. I am staying!! Don't even have to move my stuff. Me and Elder Sturdevant are staying for another 6 weeks. It will be my 3rd transfer in the same area. I have been in the same area for about 3 months and know the area well enough. Yes I know some Spanish phrases, si bien lots of different others I just might spell it wrong. English is good I am still confused in Spanish. In the apartment it is just me and my companion. It's a small apartment and only room for 2. Yesterday in church I saw my friend. Me and him looked at each other and he told me what's your first name, the I said did you go to Orem High School, he said yes. We were in the same seminary class when I was a senior in high school. I was like What you you doing here? I am a missionary and not supposed to see any of my friends. He was visiting someone. It was so strange and funny at the same time. That's what I have this week. We are still working our investigator, there are a few problems. But it can work out. Have a wonderful day.

Love Elder Bowles

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