Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well You both can serve a mission together. As a couple you can serve a mission in a ton of ways. Craig is in Huntington Beach, oh man that's 30 minutes from where I am. All I have to do is go south and I will be there. I hope there is a zone conference soon and I will get to see him. I will be able to see my friend-- hey we are both missionaries. Good thing they found out the problem on your leg and they can get that taken care of.

Our investigator came to church for the third time. He really likes church, likes everything about it. We just have to help him quit smoking. He likes to smoke but wants to stop. He has to stop smoking before he can be baptized. I am eating my vitamin pill everyday. I would eat salad about every week, I eat beans, bread, meat, scrambled eggs, PBJ sometimes corn, I drink apple and orange juice. We run every morning to get some exercise. I am trying to get the courage to eat (healthy stuff)!!! (Everyone talks about me not eating healthy stuff.) I am going to be the most popular missionary on Face book because I don't eat fruits or vegetables. Every missionary in the mission field knows who I am. They are like who is the guy that does not like fruits or vegetables. oh that's Elder Bowles. Yep I am really popular. Thanks for all the support. I love you

Love Elder Bowles

Dear Grandma
Yes it says to love your neighbors. And to love your enemies. It's hard to love your enemies especially when you want to hit them boom. As a missionary you can't hit anyone but put a Book of Mormon in front of their face. They will get hit with spiritual knowledge yes!!!
The ipad 2 is a new toy. Nice touch screen and lots of things on it. You can put your scriptures on there. Fun things to do on it. I don't mind answering all of your questions. You can ask as many questions as you can. You wrote this at 7:43 this morning. As long as you write it before 10:30am you are good. That's when I look at my email. Must have had a big dinner 19 that's a lot of people to feed.
I had a good week, slow but a good week. Our investigator phil came to church again. THis is his 3rd time coming. He really likes it, likes everything. We are just helping him quit smoking. He has to quit before he can be baptized. We are working with him. Thanks grandma for all the support. Have a good week.

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  1. I love the comment about being hit by spiritual knowledge. Garrett is a funny dude. I love these emails.