Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011: Elder Bowles

Sweet go Cougars!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I was there to see it. I can always watch the game when I go back home. My birthday is tomorrow and I am so excited and I can't wait. I told my companion I will sleep till 7:00 because it's my birthday that's the only exept ion, I still have to get up at 6:30 waaaaa

You will have a wonderful year with the kids --no more 30 kids in the classroom. Good thing you will have good kids this year.

Wow two boxes of tomatoes. You did a good job taking care of that garden. Now it might get out of control next week. IT rained this morning so utah might get some rain and finally have some moisture get on the grass. Sister Bowles told me I 'm going to turn 20 and she called me old. I told her you are 21 and older ha ha.

Well our investigator Leslie came to church yesterday. Leslie is living with a member and that is really good and the member will be there to answer her questions and will support her. That's really good and it's a win win situation. She said she has read the Book of Mormon when she went on vacation and really liked church. It's really good and me and ELder Sturdevant are really excited to work with her. We have an appointment with her on Tuesday and can't wait to begin teaching her. She is really nice and willing to listen.

Cub scouts-- how fun. So cool that a police man will come to the church and will show all the kids what the policeman has. That is really cool.

THe missionary work picked up a little here and we are still working hard finding people to teach. Thanks and Happy birthday to me ha ha I am 20 and my first birthday on my mission and I have one year and a half before I return back home. Thanks for supporting me and I'll let you know more next week. Thanks Elder Bowles.

Love Elder Bowles. Love all of you bye Stay tuned for more next week.

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