Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011: Hermana Bowles--F is for fleas

Hola Familia!

An adventurous week...kind of.

Well, my invincible iron stomach met its match this week. Had a fever Monday and woke up Tuesday with so much pain in my stomach that I didn't want to get out of bed. Had a fever the whole day and stomach pains that I nicknamed labor pains with Hermana Nu. A big no thank you to the bacteria that decided to infect my stomach. Luckily, ciproflaxin is a miracle drug and ahora, todo esta bien!

I feel like I have chicken pox all over again. F is for the fleas that I killed with off this week that were in my bed. I can't even see them, the pulcras are so small, but they bite something awful! Luckily I sent my sheets to laundry and sprayed my mattress and blankets with OFF and I think they're gone now.

Miriam got baptized on Saturday!!! When she entered the font the spirit was so strong and I was so happy for her....even though she was terrified of the water. The neatest part was that her husband, Manuel, got to baptize her! Now they are a complete cute little family in the ward. Before her baptism when we were taking pictures and waiting to get started, walked out into the hall and Elder Waddell and Elder Soliz were there! Both of them are 70s and Elder WAddell was the visiting authority (secretary in NW South America Area presidency) who was going to speak at our stake conference the next day. He is SO SO so tall. Hermana Nu and I got to talk with them out in the hall for a little bit and Elder Waddell congratulated Miriam on her baptism. Such a sweet a experience for someone as nervous as she was! The stake president was there, too, and got to confirm her afterwards. How awesome!?! Next stop: temple! I really want to be able to go to their sealing in a year. Miriam talks about being married in the temple all the time. She's such a good example of trying to understand the gospel and live it the best she can. She started paying tithing before she was baptized!

Stake conference was on Sunday and Elder Waddell reorganized the stake presidency of Carabayllo. Our bishop was made stake president and his uncle one of his counselors. What a change! Now we need a new Bishop.......all the members are so worried that we don't have a bishop right now, or at least only have a half bishop right now because he is split between the stake and our little ward. After the changes, there was a live broadcast with President Monson, Elder Christofferson, Sister Beck, and another authority. Everyone could speak spanish except for President Monson. Really really neat. They talked all about the family and stressed getting married in the temple. The best part about Sunday was that the sun came out.

Love love love,


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