Monday, September 12, 2011

Soy Una Flor--9-12-11: Hermana Bowles

Hola Familia!

So I guess I haven't given many zone details here. Yep you got it right. I was the only hermana to enter in the last changes. Supposedly 4 more hermanas enter for cambios in octubre. My zone in Caraballyo has 17 missionaries in it and Hermana Nu and I are the only hermanas. Up to 3 months ago this area didn't even have Hermanas and for that, Hermana Nu calls herself the pionera of Libertad....haha. I think there are only 3 companionships of Hermanas in and around Lima. Most of the hermanas are in the Selva because it's safer. I cannot wait to go to the jungle!!!!! It's green and lush and full of the friendliest people in Peru, from what Hermana Nu tells me.

President and Hermana Blunck are really really nice. My "parents" in Lima. They're always telling us that their focus is to help us be the best missionaries possible. When he found out that Hermana Nu and I don't have warm water in the morning, that instant he had the zone leaders figuring out when they could meet a repairman at our apartment to fix the situation. They're strict with the rules, but so loving.

Home improvement projects last week consisted of buying a mirror, a shower curtain, a trash can, and cutting out pictures from old Liahonas and plastering them in an awesome cuadra on our wall. I love our little house. Have I mentioned that I feel like i'm camping ALL the time? Good thing I like camping :)

One of the coolest experiences this week came from a street contact that we ended up teaching a lesson to. Had my first experience with being in someone's dream! I didn't think it would come so soon. We went to find the Familia Monta for a visit and as we were knocking on the door, this old lady across the street shouted that they were at work. (keep in mind during this whole experience that I only understand half of what's going on which made the spirit that much stronger when she'd talk about certain things.) Crossed to street to talk to her and ended up persuading her and her daughterinlaw to have a short lesson in their house. It was really confusing because we ended teaching each of them one at a time,but the daughterinlaw took us to the back of their house (actually it was more like a second city inside). Talked to the hindu daughter-in-law about the plan of salvation and then when we went to leave, her motherinlaw said it's my turn and took is into a room at the front. The mother in law, Sabina, is from the cierros and took Hermana Nu back to her prime of teaching in the jungle. The people need a lot of simple explanations of the same thing over and over. Ended up talking about the stories her grandparents would tell her about a white god descending and how he was Jesus Christ. It gave me chills how the jungle people know things and don't know things all at the same time.

Anyway, the COOL part, was when she said, yeah, I had a dream last night. In my dream, two bunches of flowers entered my house and walked all the way to the back. When I woke up, I was worried that it was foreshadowing something bad, but I realized that couldn't be possible because flowers only bring good things. I've been thinking and thinking and decided that you're the flowers. haha...just a little bit cool.

Hopefully, Miriam will be baptized on SAturday! My first one I've seen in the field! Her husband is returning to the church and it's awesome because they're already married!!! (They got married when he got baptized years ago). No one is married here. Nobody. To find a couple that's already married is golden because that huge no-baptismal issue doesn't exist. President Blunck gave us some statistic that 80.90 percent of the couples here just live together and never marry. AAAHH!!?!?!? For that reason, families are gold when they're married before the missionaries find them. Anyway, she's had the discussions twice before and backed out at the last second, so I'm praying that she goes through with it this time. She seems so ready. Miriam and Manuel and their son Sebastian are such a cute little family. During our visit last night they brought out family pictures of their wedding and I could tell how much they trust us now. We've already talked about how since I 'll still be in Lima in a year, I could come back for their sealing. Miriam talks so much about how the responsibility of her son has made her take things more seriously.

Favorite scripture of the week is in Enos 1.27. Oops. Should've brought my LDM to write it down. The Lord's promise for the faithful is so sweet.

Love always,

Hermana Bowles

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