Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011: Hermana Bowles--Happy Primavera (Spring)

Hola Familia!

Spring officially started the 24th which meant one thing....fiestas. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I think half the reason the the first day of everything exists here is so people can drink more. All the colegios paraded around in the street. About a million and a half bottle rockets were shot off. All the partying into the next day meant that Herman Nu couldn't sleep at all. The music was so so loud and the explosions were never ending.

Hermana Wilma brought out her Hindu costumes this week and was dressing up Hermana Nu and showing her how to dance Hindu style. I couldn't stop laughing. Hermana Wilma must be at least 70 years old but acts like she's 17. She has this mannequin in her house that's completely covered in tinfoil. It has a skirt and a pink beaded bra. She uses it to display her hats that she crochets. LOCO.

hm mm....spanish. Still feel like i'm in this non language black hole. The funniest is when people say pray in English and I literally can't. The words just aren't there. Every time I talk now it's a mix of english and spanish. i can't pray or say anything in any language. The other day when we were eating lunch at a member's house, i said muchos peoples. What!??! I didn't even notice that I'd said that until Herman Nu started laughing.

I'm so excited for conference this weekend! I just hope that if there are no English rooms that I'll be able to understand at least part of what's said. We didn't get to hear the RS session so i'll just have to read it.

Found lots of new investigators this week. Carlos is 24 and has so many questions about the Book of Mormon. It's so easy to teach him because he wants to know how all the history fits together and says all the time that he really wants to feel the spirit because he's prayed before and said he didn't feel anything. Haha he's even gone to institute for the past year and a half with his friend whose in the ward. He would be such a strong priesthood holder because he really wants to understand everything.

We watched the Testaments with Miriam and her husband. Her ancient great grandma came out and watched it. Miriam was so cute and trying to explain everything to her great grandma....who, by the way has hardly any teeth so i can hardly understand her. Then her brother came in and she was explaining the story to her brother and how there were flashbacks between the Americas and Christ at the same time. Miriam is always asking if she's doing things right and trying to change from how she was before. It's awesome. This week she and her husband weren't going to come to church because they wanted to open their little vendor stand and work because they�need to pay off their product supplier. We explained how now she's in the perserverar hasta el fin part and promised her the blessings that would come if she would still come to church....and there their little family was on Sunday.

So I don't know if I've explained about comvees, but i'm kind of glad our transportation money was cut in half this month so we don't ride them here as much. Take a minivan, blast ragatone music, and hire a man to hang out the window and call out locations they're driving to and that's a comvee. Sometimes it starts driving off when we're not even all the way in. Mototaxis are basically motorcycles with a tent pitched on the back for people to sit in. The streets here still scare me. If it looks like there are two lanes of traffic, there are at least three, if not four.

Hermana Nu and I celebrated mission anniversaries this week. We used my early birthday package....Bought arroz con leche and lit candles in them. My little three month arroz con leche was nothing compared to hers. In the picture, Herman Nu looks like she's holding a ball of fire because of the fourteen candles. The two of us together are almost one complete mission for Hermanas.

love always,

Hermana Bowles

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