Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011: The Ugliest Dogs in the World: Hermana Bowles

Hola Familia!

Let it be known that the ugliest dogs on the planet live in Peru! I dont even know how its possible, but they are hideous! One dog that Hermana Nunez and I walk by everyday is pregnant and hairless, except for the mangy mohawk of hair thats matted on top of its head. Its a slight purplegrayish too which is gross. Luckily they pretty much just bark and stay away...nothing too lifethreatening.....yet :)

This last week we had a service project for an investigator couple in the ward who was raising money to buy their marriage papers this week (theres a free massive wedding ceremony at the Municipal on the 24th). He made ceviche for the ward and sold them at 5soles a box. The elders in our district all came and the eight of us ate ceviche (technically, I dont know what it was. It was cooked ceviche so it was legal for the missionaries.) IT was really good. Hermana Nunez and I spent the next two hours with Romelio after lunch taking the boxes around to families in the ward.

The other service project last Wednesday was breaking rocks on the side of the mountain for a family who is adding on to their house. We practically finished! One more week and the family will be good to go. They are investigators of some elders in our district.

Our Pension is with Hermano Max. I dont think Ive seen him frown yet and hes always laughing. When I dont understand he tries to spit out the word in English which makes it even funnier that I dont understand. We have breakfast (yogurt, cereal, hot milk and milo, bread) and dinner (rice, rice, meat, rice) with him and lunch with members.

Yesterday we had lunch at a members house and I thought I was going to die there was so much food! Theres a rule in the jungle that you have to eat any and all of the food they give you. SInce, this sister was from the jungle, this rule applies to her house. I didnt believe Hermana Nu until we got there. First plate came and was FILLED with a vegetable mix and a tamale. She brought out a hot strawberry drink, too. I finished those, looked at Hermana Nu and said: well that wasnt so bad, look, I finished! SHe just laughed and told me we werent finished yet. AAAH. NExt plate was FILLED with potatoes, meat, and rice. By this point I was stuffed to the brim.....and then she brought out another plate!!!! AAAHHH!!! THis time it was all fruit with with bananas, apples, mangos. Another strawberry drink. I wanted to give up and told Hermana Nu that I felt like Id just finished Thanksgiving dinner. I couldnt eat another forkfull. No wonder all the missionaries get fat and flabby who go to the selva. It was the first time the meal was actually nutritious, but there was so much that my stomach wanted to explode.

I really wish time existed here. Everyone is late to everything.....we had a missionary activity last week at 6:30 and no one even showed until 8:15. AAAAh punctuality makes me want to scream.

I have two favorite things about where we live: our pink room and hermana wilma. Hermana Wilma lives next to us and is so deaf its hysterical. You have to repeat the same message three times, yelling. I can always hear the program shes watching through the wall because the volume has to be turned up so loud. Hermana WIlma wears these yellow dangle sparkly earrings and has died red hair. She loves the elders who baptized her to pieces over 30 years ago and calls them my elders. She invites her friends to her house for us to teach about the gospel. WAy to go sister senior missionary! She always makes refreshments after, too. I feel like Im at grandmas ;) She lays out bread and jam and fake coffee for everyone.

September means spring is coming. I am so excited to see the sun more!!!

Love always,

Hermana Bowles

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