Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear MOM and DAD:

This week was amazing aaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!! I will tell you why.
My companion is Elder Wade and he is from Oklahoma. He loves football and I said Elder Wade, BYU beat Oklahoma like 1 or two years ago. He is a fan of Oklahoma football. He said he hated that game. But then I said but BYU beat them ha ha. It was funny. Elder Wade has been out on his mission for 6 months and he just came from long beach over by Compton. He is really cool. Yes I have been in this area for a long time almost 6 months and and it will be 9 months in the Zone. I am the longest elder in the Zone. So I have been here quite a while. Last week I told you I saw Craig Sheanshang it was cool I have a picture of him. I had to use someone Else's memory card when I took pictures on that day. I printed those pictures and will send them home. There are like 6 pictures I printed. I will send those home. There are more pictures on my memory card. Sorry I have not been sending pictures I can;t send them today because my connector is at the apartment so I will try and send it next week. I am just looking for some CD so I put my pictures on them send my pictures home. Or I will just send my memory card back home. Don't worry I have a plan. I am trying to send those pictures. Sorry.

Well this week was cool Yesterday day me and Elder Wade taught a powerful lesson to a guy named Madison. Even though it was noisy the spirit was so strong. Madison has that strong desire to learn more about us. He is very religious and talked the whole time how Heavenly Father blessed his life, and how god blesses other people's lives. He was so grateful. He is very interested and asked us if we could come back again to learn more what we believe. He is a really good investigator and I know he is seeking the truth. The spirit was so strong and the lesson just flowed really nice.

Last friday we got a phone call from the mission office. They told us to take our car up to the mission office and they are going to give us a new car. We are like what ? So we go up there and they said this is your new car, take good car of it. Our old car was a 2008 Toyota. The new car is a 2012 CHEVY MALIBU and it is so COOL.!!!! I drove that new car back to the apartment and it is sweet. It drives smooth and nice and I really like it. I have been driving this NEW 2012 CHEVY MALIBU for about 5 days and will still continue to drive it. I love it-- everything is better, the car the music and everything. Nice and shiny. Well, that's my week --good lessons that we taught and got a brand New car to drive all around town. So it's really good. I get excited everyday to drive that car. Me and Elder Wade are very happy.

Don't worry I am trying to send pictures and next week I will try and send pictures through the email. Thanks for setting an appointment to get my cochlear implant mapped. Thank you I love you both. NEW CAR!!!!

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