Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday November 26, 2012: Hermana Bowles

Hola familia.
Today is transfer day.  Rumor has it that Hermana Vasquez and I will be in a trio, but they haven't told us anything for sure yet.  I feel strange because this marks the start of my last transfer, but I'll really only be staying for 3 weeks.  AAAAHHHHHH!!!
What a week of weeks of weeks.  S.T.R.E.S.S.F.U.L.L.  So many things went on this week and things were rough, but I guess the good news is that Monday always means a new week where we can forget about the old one.
The most wonderful part of this week were the baptisms of Edith and Boris.  Edith ended up baptizing alone without her granddaughter, but it was such a wonderful day for her.  Family members came and she was so happy.  I admire Edith so much.  Earlier in the week (and I don`t know why on earth this happened) Edith and Nicole sat alongside a member who started going off about the temple (which was completely inappropriate) but before her baptism, Edith`s granddaughter comes up to me and says, "Are we going to that place that looks like heaven?"  Hermana Vasquez and I were kind of taken back and after understanding what she was talking about we explained that the heaven place was in Lima, but the baptism of her grandma was going to be equally special.
Big surprise was that Boris`s mom came to his baptism.  He finally told his parents and while his dad didn`t want to know anything, his mom came out of support.  She arrived early which gave Hermana Vasquez and I the chance to show her around the church before the baptism started.  Boris gave an incredible testimony at the end that he knew he was making the right decision and traced everything back to when he actually read and prayed.  From that point on he could FEEL his decision.
Had the ward mission activity of "Yo Soy" this week--based off an American Idol type program.  Everyone liked it and Nicole and another member blew everyone away with a duet they did.  Marvin (who was baptized about a month ago won the night`s competition with a salsa mariachi number.  He surprised everyone by pulling out his sunglasses and dancing onstage....haha....he really wanted to win the dinner and icecream for two. Who knew it was a ward full of singers.
Thanksgiving sounded absolutely delicious.  On this end of things, I actually forgot about Thanksgiving.  We ate lunch in a member`s house whose husband works in Iraq security in an embassy and she started asking me all about Thanksgiving because her own husband was celebrating it in Iraq. could I forget?  So I enjoyed chicken and rice with delicious camucamu juice and this lettuce-noodle stuff that they strip from young palm trees. Really yummy actually.
Love always,
Hermana Bowles
Hermana Bowles and the other Sisters in the Iquitos Zones.   Also the wife of
the new mission doctor is in the middle.

Edith on her baptism day.

Borris on his baptism day with his Mom.

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