Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday November 12, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad
 This week we did something I thought we would never do.  I made the attempt to eat baloot. (I have no idea what Garrett is talking about--do not know the name for this thing he is talking about??)  Baloot is disgusting. Let me explain what it is.  Baloot is basically baby duck in an egg and we ate it.  Yumm!!!   The duck has been processed for about 16 days and has a little head and wings.  It's really small.  We crack the shell and it plops out like a boiled egg.  We boiled it before we ate it.  This is the only thing that I can say-- I ate something disgusting. I got the egg then put it in my mouth almost threw up but kept it in and I had to chew it.  You can never swallow it whole so I had to chew it a couple of times and I finally swallowed it.  It was gross but I did it!!!!!!  I will send some printed pictures and they filmed it also so I will send that to.  It is a video of our district doing it.   It is pretty gross.
That is what I did this week-- ate balloot.  Transfers were this week so since my companion only has 3 weeks left, we got a new missionary.  We will be in a Trio.  The new missionary is ELder Russell.  ELder Russell is from Colorado and he has been in the mission field for 3 months.   It's going to be interesting this week.
My companion was still sick last week but is better now so we can catch up on the work that we have missed.  A member of the  Seventy will be coming this week too so that will be exciting to see.  I can't wait for that and to see what he has to say to us.
I heard you got lot of snow.   Man I miss the snow.   When I get back I am going skiing in the mountains!
Other than that,  not much this week.  I will send those pictures in the mail and send you the video of us eating ballott.   You should watch it with the whole extended family.  It's fun.
Thanks Mom and Dad,
Love Elder Bowles

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